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In the history of music there are records that mark an era, others that define a style and there are those that break with any forecast. But also there are those that do not rank in any category simply because they are simply out of series albums. The dark side of the moon, by Pink Floyd, It is one of them.

More than 15 million copies sold in the United States and over 45 million worldwide, since its release, the album went to the British quartet to massiveness and made millionaires of its members, Roger Waters (bassist and vocalist), David Gilmour (guitarist and vocalist), Rick Wright (keyboardist and vocalist) and Nick Mason (drummer). ).

But also with a 937-week tenure on the Billboard 200, The dark side of the moon (or directly Dark Side of the Moon for digital generations) marked the course of the group forever, establishing an almost perfect balance between an experimental past reserved for a public fascinated by psychedelia and a present and future open to a more “inclusive” musical language.

The cover of The Dark Side of the Moon, by Storm Thorgerson, is one of the icons of rock.

Much had to do with that alchemy the hand and, above all, the ears of the Abbey Road sound engineer who was lucky for them, a certain Alan Parsons just 24 years old, which managed to extract from the recording sessions carried out between May 1972 and January 1973 a sound that fit wonderfully on commercial radio, while at the same time inviting attentive listening and reflection.

A story that began with a suite

But although the statistics record the first day of March 1973 as the official launch date of the consecration work of the combo formed in London in 1965 with Syd Barrett as the main creative source and with Waters, Mason and Wright gaining the space it lost as was lost in its own Space, the truth is that the history of The dark side… It had started long before.

Precisely, it happened when one day in 1971 the band embarked on 12 days of work in a rehearsal room at Decca Studios in Broadhurst Gardens, West Hampstead, West London. The object of work was a suite that was taking shape under the title Eclipse.

“It started in a small rehearsal room in London,” Gilmour said of the album’s early days. “We had quite a few pieces of music, some of which had been left over from previous works,” the guitarist then admitted. Something that confirmed Waters, who assumed the role of lyricist for the first time.

Pink Floyd Was Formed In 1965, Under The Leadership Of Syd Barrett, Who Would Lose His Prominence As Drugs In His Life Gained Him.

Pink Floyd was formed in 1965, under the leadership of Syd Barrett, who would lose his prominence as drugs in his life gained him.

The alienation of modern life

“I think we had already started improvising some pieces in Broadhurst Gardens. After I had written a couple of lyrics for the songs, I suddenly thought: ‘I know what would be good: to do a complete album about the different pressures that apply in modern life‘”, he pointed out, in his turn, according to the site Loudsound.

The album slowly began to take shape. In 1972, rehearsals had moved to the Rolling Stones’ rehearsal facility; a disused Victorian warehouse at 47 Bermondsey Street, South London. A stage big enough for a creative project that would eventually dwarf Floyd’s previous output in terms of both its scale and ambition.

For Roger Waters, Dark Side Of The Moon Inaugurated His Role As The Band'S Lyricist.

For Roger Waters, Dark Side of the Moon inaugurated his role as the band’s lyricist.

“We started with the idea of ​​what the album was going to be: the stresses and strains in our lives“, explained Mason, also quoted by the specialized site. With that guiding idea, the musicians took some musical ideas that had been left out of meddle, including the music of Us and Them and the beginning of breathe, and there they went, looking for their new challenge.

The challenge of showing the novelty

Of course, in parallel, the band continued to perform live, and on January 20, 1972 they had to play again in Brighton, at The Dome, a stage that was not new to them, as the start of a tour that included 16 shows. The thing is, excited about the idea of ​​a concept album on the way, the Floyd decided that it was a very good opportunity to release the new material.

Both for the public, who paid a pound to enter the “venue”, and for the press, the proposal to present something completely new to their audience does not seem to have come as a great surprise. In fact, the Brighton Gazette, warned in the previous: “It would be hard to remember a Floyd concert at the Dome that didn’t feature something totally new and unexpected…”

And he completed: “They are the true representatives of the technological age, and for that alone, they already deserve total success.” In line with the comment, the quartet understood that their proto-work Eclipse, already renamed Dark Side Of The Moon – A Piece For Assorted Lunatics, required an ambitious and demanding staging.

Pink Floyd Premiered &Quot;The Dark Side Of The Moon&Quot; On January 20 In Brighton, At £1 A Ticket.

Pink Floyd premiered “The Dark Side of the Moon” on January 20 in Brighton, at £1 a ticket.

The secret of a (good) laying

Among the requirements that had been imposed was that of create a light show to accompany the performance and, due to the complicated nature of some of the songs, it was also imposed to work tapes -including the recitation of biblical verses and prayers- to complement the live instrumentation.

According to the Brighton Museum report, “the material was certainly new: according to a review in New Musical Express, the band was still working on it and it wouldn’t be recorded until later in the year. Unfortunately, the concert itself – in the face of packed venue capacity – was cut short by an electrical failure.

“In those days we didn’t understand how to sufficiently separate the power between sound and lights“, appointment Loudsound Floyd’s former roadie, Mick Kluczynski.

The privilege and the risk of being the first

“It was the first concert that any group had done with lighting equipment powerful enough to make a difference. So we had this wonderful situation where the fans were actually inside the auditorium, and we had (sound engineers) Bill Kelsey and Dave Martin on both sides of the stage yelling at each other and arguing in front of the crowd.”


According to reports, the audience quickly became “raptured” by the new material, which one reviewer thought was establishing a new jazzy sound for the band. Pink Floyd performed DarkSide… in the same order as it would be on the disk, even if on the run It was a drum and guitar jam called The Travel Section, and the title of The Great Gig in the Sky it was The Mortality Sequence.

“A pre-recorded, pulsing bass beat thrashed around the room’s speaker system. A voice recited chapter five, verses 15 to 17 of the book of Athenians“wrote the former journalist from NME Tony Stewart at the time.

And he completed the picture: “The organ was accumulated; suddenly rose, like a jumbo jet leaving Heathrow; the lights, just behind the team, rose like an elevator. Floyd was onstage playing a mid-tempo piece…Floyd’s inventiveness had returned, and he wowed the room…The number was cut off after thirty minutes.”

minute by minute

The reconstruction of the events indicates that it was sounding Money, when a sustained noise and hisses began to come through the sound system, drowning out anything Pink Floyd touched. Puzzled, Waters, Gilmour, Mason and Wright decided to leave the stage. “We stopped because there was nothing we could do,” Mason later explained.

Nick Mason Admitted That There Was Nothing They Could Do About Failures.  Photo Afp Photo/Shaun Curry

Nick Mason admitted that there was nothing they could do about failures. Photo AFP PHOTO/Shaun Curry

Finally, the band members returned to the stage, but they left what was left of the work untouched for another opportunity. Instead, after Waters apologized, they continued the show with older material, including Atom Heart Mother, One of These Days Y echoes. For the encore: A Saucerful of Secrets.

Rematch and starting point

revenge counts Ultimate Classic Rock, would arrive the next day, in Portsmouth, and the second attempt was a success. A couple of weeks later, the group played the entire piece for the London press, and the set list stood fore the tour that the quartet undertook in 1972 and took them to continental Europe, Japan and North America.

Pink Floyd Presented &Quot;The Dark Side Of The Moon&Quot; On January 21, 1972 In Portsmouth, And Got Revenge For Their Bad First Night.

Pink Floyd presented “The Dark Side of the Moon” on January 21, 1972 in Portsmouth, and got revenge for their bad first night.

In between those 90 dates, Pink Floyd also made and released Obscured by Clouds and took time to fine-tune details for the recording sessions, at Abbey Road, of The Dark Side of the Moon, which would be launched to glory in March 1973. But that’s another story.


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