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This week’s premiere of Rifkin’s Festival, the latest from Woody Allen, disappointed me. I had never felt this way when watching an Allen film, and I had never rated one of his works as Fair.

And it made me think, or remember, that I hadn’t had a good time watching either. the gucci house, by Ridley Scott.

Woody Allen and Ridley Scott, two directors who could be trusted when paying admission. Their stories could be more or less attractive, but we knew we were going to leave the theater satisfied. Minimally.

Woody makes a scene for Wallace Shawn, his alter ego in “Rifkin’s Festival”. Photo File Clarin

Woody -December 1, 1935- and Ridley -November 30, 1937- could easily hang up their cameras, just as boxers do with gloves or soccer players with boots, at a certain age. Both comfortably passed 80 years and have a career that supports them.

No one in their right mind could accuse them of anything. If they continue directing it is because they carry that need in their DNA, in their genes, in their brains and in their hearts.

is the mileage

But age is the least of it. Or, as Indiana Jones used to say when he was younger – now he’s around 79 Harrison Ford – “it’s not the years, it’s the mileage”.

Ridley Scott (84 Years Old) Does Not Stop Directing.  Ap Photo

Ridley Scott (84 years old) does not stop directing. AP Photo

I also got to thinking about what other great filmmakers had a misstep after giving us masterpieces. Like Francis Ford Coppola (today, 82 years old), of whom it is impossible not to stay on TV when you channel surf and some of the The Godfather, or apocalypse now. The last thing we saw was tetra Y Twitter, two films that detract from it.

We’re talking about the guy who stood up to Paramount, asked for Marlon Brando and Al Pacino to shoot The Godfather, which is now 50 years old. If Coppola after the first The Godfather He said I’m not filming anymore, I was already in glory. But no, he did The Godfather II -for many at the same level as the first, or higher-, fell into debt with apocalypse now and went bankrupt One From the Heart, in which he ventured with something completely new and revolutionary: the video.

Francis Ford Coppola, While Filming &Quot;Apocalypse Now&Quot;, Which Almost Killed Him.  Photo File Clarin

Francis Ford Coppola, while filming “Apocalypse Now”, which almost killed him. Photo File Clarin

Coppola was, and is, a great.

George Lucas (today, 77 years old) made us see spaceships for the first time from below. He was also able to retire after premiering starwars -or Star Wars, as those of us who were glued to Christmas 1977 at the theaters in Lavalle knew it- and, also, it was already there. But then he wanted to make a new trilogy, and already with the Episode I: The Phantom Menace -his next movie to starwars, released 22 years later, in 1999- we realized that the best had already been delivered to us.

Martin Scorsese Continues To Show His Talent.  Photo The New York Times

Martin Scorsese continues to show his talent. Photo The New York Times

But just as filmmakers like Martin Scorsese (he will turn 80 on November 17) or Steven Spielberg (75 years old) continue to show their talent, and prove and show, once again, that age is the least important thing, Clint Eastwood directs and acts at 91 years old.

did you see cry male?

Clint Eastwood Directed And Starred In &Quot;Cry Macho.&Quot;  He Is 91 Years Old.  Wb Photo

Clint Eastwood directed and starred in “Cry Macho.” He is 91 years old. WB photo

The years don’t matter. There are young directors who make every mess… So if Woody or Ridley let us down, it’s not that they’re letting us down. They are gaining momentum to do something better.

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