Ajinkya Lagir Zal Ji News Today: Is He Dead Or Still Alive?

Ajinkya Lagir Zal Ji- Aka Dnyanesh Mane,  is no longer alive, the actor recently died in an accident while traveling.

He appeared in the popular Zee Marathi channel serial ‘Lagiram Zhalam Ji.’

Dnyanesh was born in the Jhargadwadi district of Baramati.

He was a doctor by trade, but he began working on the show because of his love of acting.

Following the news of Dnyanesh’s untimely death, a photo of him with Nitish Chavan went viral on social media.

We now offer our heartfelt condolences and prayers for strength to his family and loved ones.


His Death News From Accident Explained

Dnyanesh Mane, who was traveling to Pune from Roti Ghati, has died in a car accident

He had an accident when turning from the ghat’s corners. When a few passers-by discovered Dnyanesh, he was said to be unconscious.



The villagers took Dnyanesh to the Sassoon Hospital in Pune, but he did not survive and died.

Meanwhile, his family is mourning the actor’s untimely death. Furthermore, they have avoided the spotlight of the media.

Dnyanesh Mane Age And Wikipedia

Dnyanesh Mane was between the ages of 40 and 50 when he died.

Despite being a well-known actor in the Marathi film industry, Mane does not have a Wikipedia page.

Dnyanesh played an important role in this Laagira Zala Ji performance.



Solapur Gangwar, Kalubaichya Navana Changbhala, Ambuj, Humbarda, and Yadaya are among his films.

Dnyanesh co-starred with Nitish Chavan as an army officer in Lagira Zala Ji. He rose to prominence after appearing on the ZEE TV show.

In terms of his personal life, Mane is married and has a wife. In addition, the late actor had two brothers, both of whom are now unknown.