Alfa Romeo is Building NFTs Into Latest Hybrid Car To Record Vehicle Data – Slashdot


Italian luxury car maker Alfa Romeo has revealed it will be using non-fungible tokens (NFT) to track and store maintenance records on the blockchain for its new Tonale SUV. From a report: Alfa Romeo, which is owned by Stellantis (formerly Fiat Chrysler), appears to be the first carmaker to utilize NFTs in this way, seemingly in a bid to bring transparency and efficiency to a car market that often relies on third parties to track car records. “Digitalization is a key enabler of our metamorphosis,” Francesco Calcara, head of marketing at Alfa Romeo, said in a media briefing. “[The NFTs] will sustain the residual values of our models as we are the first in the market to adopt this next-generation technology.” The company says the carâ(TM)s NFT will be able to generate a certificate from records of its maintenance data, but only for service done by certified dealers.


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