Apple closes its student discount loophole, so start saving now for that next MacBook

You’ll now need to verify a .EDU email address to get the price cut

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One of the many perks of being a university student is the fact that lots of businesses are willing to give you discounts on their products and services. Whether you’re looking for a PC, movie tickets, or Photoshop, being a student will help you get it cheaper. All of that is also true for buying Apple products online, and until recently, its educational discount was open to anyone in the US. But now, Apple is closing that loophole and requiring shoppers to verify their education credentials before letting them browse or purchase products.

The change — which requires users to prove educational status via UNiDAYS and limits customers to purchasing one device per category per year — first appears to have been spotted on Reddit by user u/siddharthsure (via XDA). UNiDAYS is a website that offers hundreds of discounts to students and educators so long as they’re a member. To get membership in the US, you only have to have an email address that ends in .edu and verify your email annually.


Worldwide, Apple’s approach to its educational pricing is piecemeal. Students and teachers in Germany, the UK, and India have already had a verification system in place, but if you live in Canada or Mexico they’re still using the honor system. Fortunately, most of these deals can be matched or beaten during back-to-school sales, if you can wait that long.

From now on, if you live in the US, educational discount won’t be quite so easy to get in on and use, so if you’re looking to buy a fancy (and accordingly expensive) new MacBook Pro, you better start saving right away.

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