Atlas introduces a new ship and the Great Temple monument in its latest patch


Nothing says “flex” quite like being part of a guild that has managed to build and own the only wonder that can be created on an Atlas server, and with the most recent update to the pirating survivalbox players can reach for that goal themselves, as the Great Temple monument is now a thing that can be built on both PC and Xbox One versions of the game.

This new single building grants the controlling company a permanent fortitude buff that carries forward into additional seasons of Atlas, and can be built up through six different progression levels to ultimately become the Great Pyramid wonder. The update has also introduced the tramp freighter vessel, which is described as a perfect option for those looking to get into transport gameplay in the early going, and a slew of bug fixes that address issues that the community has brought up.

Finally, the devs at Studio Wildcard and Grapeshot Games have decided that mid-January is the point where it should look back at the game’s updates through 2021 in the form of a video; that can be viewed after the break. Better late than never, right?

sources: press release, Steam



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