Australian Open: Djokovic Faces The Final Hearing In The Federal Court To Decide If He Continues In Australia –


Australian Open: Djokovic faces the final hearing in the Federal Court to decide if he continues in Australia

Three judges of an Australian Federal Court have to decide whether the Serb is deported or his visa is returned so that he can fight to win the Australian Open for the tenth time.

Djokovic, in a car, upon arrival at the hotel where he remains detained.AP

The case Djokovic comes to an end. Or, at least, that’s how it should be. Everything is ready for the Melbourne Federal Court to close a soap opera where politics has been mixed with sports, anti-vaccine movements with refugees, the twists and turns of a confused government and the unique personal power of a minister with the stubbornness of a star. which has ended up being a victim of their skepticism.

This Sunday, three judges they have to decide if Novak Djokovic is deported or his visa is returned so that he can fight to win the tenth time Australian Open. Although, as experts in Australian public law have pointed out, there is a third option: that the court does not make any decision at the end of Sunday. So, the Serbian tennis player could continue to be detained in an immigrant center when the tournament begins. Or you can also be granted what is called a “bridge visa” to stay free while the court resolves the ruling.

These two variants are the least likely. But in a week in which the case has bounced back and forth, anything is possible. The hearing has started early in Melbourne. with the judges James Allsop, Anthony Besanko and David O’Callaghan listening to the arguments of the Serb’s lawyers who appealed the decision of the Immigration Minister, alex hawke, to cancel Djokovic’s visa for the second time. The Serb spent Saturday night sleeping at the Park Hotel, converted last year into an immigration detention center, in the company of some thirty refugees who have been locked up in the detention circuit for years under the harsh Australian Immigration Law.

“Freedom for Novak Djokovic”

On Saturday, when the tennis player arrived at the Park Hotel, he was met at the door by a small concentration of activists calling for freedom for refugees. A few kilometers away, on the outskirts of Melbourne Park, the sports complex where the Australian Open is held, around 200 people demonstrated against the vaccine mandate chanting “Freedom for Novak Djokovic”. The star has become the standard-bearer for the anti-vaccine cause that the extremist groups that have been demonstrating throughout Australia since the end of last year were waiting for.

After those protests against the serums, in which there were many banners dedicated to the tennis player, many understood Minister Hawke’s words to explain his reasons for which he had again decided to cancel the Serb’s visa. “A surge in anti-vaccination sentiment is building in the Australian community, leading to others refusing to be vaccinated or to receive a booster shot,” he said in a statement. “His (Djokovic’s) behavior could lead to increased civil unrestI added.

Some arguments that Nick Wood, Djokovic’s lead attorney, are “irrational.” At the preliminary hearing held on Saturday morning, Wood insisted before Judge O’Callaghan that the minister “did not provide evidence as to why Djokovic’s presence in Australia may fuel anti-vaccine sentiment.”

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