Battlefield 2042 – Scoreboard Refresh Coming in Mid to Late February


battlefield 2042

DICE has announced some new updates coming to Battlefield 2042, which released in November 2021 to a fairly negative reaction from fans (currently sitting at “Mostly Negative” user reviews on Steam). Update 3.2 is currently live and contains some fixes along with XP changes to Battlefield Portal. Update 3.3 will go live in mid to late February and includes a refresh for the in-game scoreboard.

In development since the team returned from holidays, a work-in-progress screenshot was provided which provides an overview of the match, number of kills, stat weight and players in the lobby. This isn’t the final iteration though. The scoreboard will receive “further updates” with DICE seeking feedback from players when it goes live.

It also noted that matchmaking preferences for All-Out Warfare and VOIP for all platforms are still “on our radar.” Though no updates were provided on their status, DICE assured that it had “more to show and share on these topics” down the line. Till then, we’ll need to wait.

Battlefield 2042 is currently available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. Insider Tom Henderson reported first week sales to be 4.23 million units but later revealed that this apparently included total cumulative players (including refunds and 10 hour trials). EA has yet to officially confirm sales numbers.


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