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The SMG in Call of Duty: Warzone is undeniably one of the best tools in battle. Though since Warzone Pacific’s release in December, Assault Rifles have been dominating, there are some underrated SMGs that can easily win you firefights. Especially if you’re the up close and personal type, SMGs are the way to go. Here are the fastest-killing submachine guns and the best SMG in Call of Duty: Warzone.

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Best SMG in Warzone – 5. OTs 9

Starting off with the OTs 9, this SMG definitely packs a punch. Good with practically any attachment loadout options, the OTs 9 is a fan favorite for close-quarter combat.

Though it received a couple of nerfs recently, it still remains one of the best SMGs in 2022. If you’re looking to bust into buildings and take out your enemies quickly, the OTs 9 is not a bad choice.

Best SMG in Warzone – 4. MAC-10

When the MAC-10 was first released, it was the SMG champion. Although it isn’t quite what it used to be, its minimal recoil paired with its rapid-fire rate makes the MAC-10 a great pick.

Especially if paired with the Monolith Suppressor, the MAC-10 can be a stealthy powerhouse. Sneaking up on an enemy team, you can wipe their squad very quickly with the reliable MAC-10.

Best SMG in Warzone – 3. MP40

The MP40 is a Vanguard weapon and a Call of Duty classic. For those who like the versatility of close and medium range, the MP40 is the SMG for you.

Though it does have a long time to kill than other SMGs, this weapon works great for those looking to deal more damage per bullet. The consistency mixed with its range makes the MP40 a formidable SMG.

Best SMG in Warzone – 2. Type 100

Similar to the MP40, the Type 100 is an SMG that works best at short to medium ranges instead of right on top of enemies. It doesn’t shred through enemies like the MAC-10, but it is more consistent when it comes to long-range firefights.

If you are always on the move and need something reliable, accurate, and smooth, the Type 100 is the gun for you. Give it the 8mm Kurz 48 Round Drums magazine and the Strife Compensator for maximum efficiency.

Best SMG in Warzone – 1. Vanguard PPSH-41

Last but not least is the PPSH-41. Even after receiving a nerf recently, the PPSH-41 is undoubtedly the best SMG in Warzone. If you’re looking for the king of TTK, look no further.

Paired with the right stocks and grips, the PPSH-41 can have a controllable recoil to be effective at close and medium ranges. You won’t go wrong with the PPSH-41 as far as SMGs go in 2022 Warzone.

Call of Duty: Vanguard is out now for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC via Additionally, Call of Duty: Warzone is free to play on the aforementioned platforms.


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