Breanna Cunningham Mobile AL – Bio

Breanna Cunningham is a murder of Manchella “Joe” Allen, a dedicated worker at APM Terminal, Cell, AL. She was found guilty of the gunshot and murder case of the young man.

As per reports, Breanna Cunningham, 22, and her boyfriend Robert Abrams murder Manchella “Joe” Allen at the Cookies & Cream Night Club in Theodore on 27 February 2021.



Breanna Cunningham is listed among 130 suspected killers in the country out on bond awaiting trial. As per Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Wright, Abrams got the gun from Breanna to murder Manchella Allen.

Earlier, Breanna Cunningham was found helping another murder suspect escape from Singing River Hospital, as per the Jackson County Sheriff’s office.

 Manchella Allen Murder Charges Update

Manchella Allen was found deceased  from multiple gunshot wounds at Cookies-N-Cream Club, 6673 Theodore Dawes Road on Saturday, 27 February 2021.

Later, the murderer Breanna Cunningham and her boyfriend, Robert Abrams were arrested by reporting officers.

Breanna Cunningham was recently sentenced with a bail charge of $10,000 for a Biloxi implicated, a fatal shooting of Manchella Allen.

According to Jennifer Wright, an Assistant District Attorney, Breanna Cunningham picked up the gun and run off with the co-defendant Robert Abrams.

Did She Really Kill Manchella Allen?

Yes, Breanna Cunningham is involved in the murder of Manchella Allen. In February 2021, the charges stem from a shooting resulted the death of the young man on Theodore Dawes Road.

Attorney Jennifer Wright believes, Breanna Cunningham was involved in the shooting of Manchella Allen in an aiding-and-abetting manner.



Breanna Cunningham was arrested by US Marshals, D’Iberville Police, and Biloxi Police on 2 March 2021. Though, Robert Abram gunshot Manchella Allen but the gun was given by Breanna as shown in the video record.