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Chalino Sanchez Death Note: Everything Including Video On Reddit Revealed in 2022, according to the viral video on Reddit. What happened to him?

Chalino Sanchez is a singer from Mexico. His given name is Rosalino Sánchez Félix, but he is better known by his stage name.

He also specialized in regional Mexican music, and was particularly well-known for his corridos. The singer was born in Mexico and was the youngest of seven children in his family. His parents are Santos Sanchez and Senorina Felix. He had always wanted to be a singer since he was a child.

Unfortunately, the performer passed away on May 16, 1992, at the age of 32. Meanwhile, his fame and recordings grew in popularity after his death. In fact, even decades after his death, he remains popular among young Hispanic listeners.



Chalino Sanchez Death Note: Everything Including Video On Reddit Revealed – Fact To Know

A video of Chalino Sanchez being handed a death note by the audience recently went viral on Reddit.

The video was posted on January 14, 2022, and it depicted the exact moment in which Mexican singer Chalino Sanchez, during his final concert, received a death threat note telling him to stop singing and that he would die after he finished performing. He looked around nervously for a moment before returning to his performance.

Following that, on May 15, 1992, he was assassinated as he exited the event in Culiacan, Sinaloa. It was reported that the same night, as he was leaving the club with his brothers, cousin, and young women, he was pulled over by a group of armed men posing as state police officers. Then he was told to get in the car while the others followed behind.

His body was discovered the next day, May 16, 1992, at 6 a.m., by two farmers near an irrigation canal in Los Laureles, Culiacán. He was blindfolded and had rope marks on his wrists. He was allegedly shot in the back of the head.


Chalino Sanchez Wife And Children

Chalino Sanchez leaves behind a wife and two children.

In 1984, the singer met his wife Marisela Vallejos through his cousin Rosalba, and they married in a simple and intimate ceremony with close family members present until his death in 1992.

Adán Sánchez and Cynthia Sanchez were the couple’s two children. Adán Sánchez, his elder son, was born on April 14, 1984, and was also a Regional Mexican singer. At the moment, little is known about his second son and wife.

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