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Square Enix has announced Chocobo GP digital pre-orders are available, alongside confirming the game’s first season of DLC.

While Chocobo GP digital pre-orders are available over on the eShop, both Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud and Final Fantasy VIII’s Squall were confirmed for the game as post-launch DLC and its first season of content.

Here’s a rundown on the new details:

 Players can put the pedal to the metal in Chocobo’s newest racing adventure, full of magic and mayhem, and featuring beloved characters from the Chocobo and FINAL FANTASY® franchises, including fan-favorites Vivi and Steiner from FINAL FANTASY IXChocobo GP features a variety of game modes and both online and offline multiplayer modes that will challenge players of all skill levels as they take on thrilling courses from well-known Chocobo and FINAL FANTASY series locations.

SQUARE ENIX also introduced the first Season, which players can join in on in the game’s 64-player bracket-style tournament, Chocobo GP Mode. Lasting roughly two months, each Season will present special rewards which players can earn by raising their season score and season level through participation in Chocobo GP Mode. An optional Prize Pass will be available for purchase, granting players access to additional rewards and the ability to earn resources, such as Gil, more efficiently. Gil can be used to purchase various rewards in the game’s Gil Shop.

As a Season One login bonus, all players* can obtain 800 mythril (equivalent to a Prize Pass) for a limited time**, allowing them to obtain FINAL FANTASY VII’s fan-favorite Cloud as a level reward of the first Prize Pass. Additionally, all players of the full game have the chance to obtain FINAL FANTASY VIII’s Squall from the Gil Shop.

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