Conduction Labs Allegro open-ear headphones use directional audio technology for safety

Get the great sound you want with the safety features you need using the Conduction Labs Allegro open-ear headphones. Designed for your active lifestyle, they use directional audio technology, meaning no sound goes directly inside your ear. However, you can still hear your music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more clearly. The benefit is that you can hear the environment around you as well. When you go on a run or an evening walk, you need to know if a car or person approaches—and that’s just what the Allegro allow. Enjoy premium sound and a super comfortable experience as they weigh only 18 grams. An extremely lightweight directional audio headphone, they ensure you’re comfortable all day long. Moreover, they provide an IPX5 waterproof rating, 5 hours of battery life, a microphone for phone calls, and an app. Use the app to personalize your experience with 3D audio and manage hands-free control.

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