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That is COVID-19 itself. Strange as it may seem, COVID-19 may be the ultimate reason why the COVID-19 pandemic ends. This is down to one very infectious and virulent variant. Specifically, the Omicron Variant.

Since Omicron spread like an invisible blanket over the Northern Hemisphere during the latter stages of last year, more and more information has come out about it.

It is known to be more transmissible.

It is known to cause less severe illness.

However, as has been observed in South Africa, once case numbers reach their peak, they start to drop similar in pace to which they rose.

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Furthermore, if someone gets the Omicron variant, the number of antibodies they produce in response to it are immense.

This is why Omicron has been touted as a “natural vaccine” by Dr Vishal Sehgal of Portea MeMedical.

As a result, there is the potential for the COVID-19 pandemic to be reclassified as an endemic.

Since a zero-COVID solution is not feasible, the world is learning to live with COVID instead.


This is through a number of strategies including manufactured vaccines.

While Omicron has been spreading, wealthy nations have been boosting their populations.

Combined with a form of herd immunity, this means that every day countries are becoming more protected from Omicron and COVID-19.

Even though this is good news for some, there are still other COVID related issues to contend with, particularly in the UK.

Anti-vaccine groups have also played their role.

Even though the majority of the population is vaccinated, there are still millions of people in the UK who refuse to get the vaccine whether it’s because of religious beliefs or nerves about the vaccine.

One small group refuses to get the vaccine because they believe in conspiracy theories that have spread like a maleficent virus on social media.

They are a loud minority in any regard, the most important actions people can take are to get vaccinated, get tested and take care.

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