Daily Care Routine For Winters For Glowing Skin

Winter season is upon us along with new festival celebrations of the year 2022, and everyone wants to look their best. However, this is also the time of the year when the weather becomes muggy and warm. You can get dry skin due to several factors such as lack of natural oils, harsh cold weather, and pollution effects on the skin. Therefore, it is important to have a daily natural skincare regimen. It will pay you back by giving you an amazing skin glow and a healthy lifestyle.

What should my daytime skincare routine be?

Indeed, there is a right way to apply skincare products during the day. Based on your preference, you need to cleanse, treat and moisturize your skin during the daytime. You can be either a minimalist who would cleanse the skin with water and then apply serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen in that order. Or you can be a maximizer who takes extra efforts to preserve skin cells using fruit extracts, dietary changes, etc. there’s an optimal way to apply your products. The best routine is CTM, i.e., Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize.

What is a basic skincare routine?

The basic skincare routine is to cleanse your skin, open your skin to enable the skincare products to soak in, add nourishing cream, and close them with a moisturizing layer. If you are going out in the sun, you need to add sunscreen to the list. Your daily skincare routine serves to protect the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight and pollution. You also need to add lip care to your daily skincare routine.

How can I take care of my face daily routine?

Face cleansing is the first step in the skincare routine as it clears excess oil and impurities that clog the skin pores. For dry skin, we recommend using a mild cleanser. A serum can help nourish the skin with Vitamin C and antioxidants. These face care tips give you a soft and smooth skin tone. Adding a serum layer between cleansing and moisturizing can make a big difference in your skincare. It can improve the appearance and aging of your skin in the long term.

What does vitamin C do for your skin?

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that improves skin texture and tone. It reduces the signs of aging and increases skin hydration. Vitamin C is known to enhance your complexion and protect against skin damage caused by over-exposure to the sun. The skincare tips natural vitamin C are present in fruit extracts such as lemon and orange juice.

What to apply on your face before sleeping?

Before sleeping, you need to remove makeup and wash your face with a cleanser. Next, you can add toner that readies your skin to absorb nutrients that come with serum. Serum actives with antioxidants reduce free radicals caught in the skin during the daytime. Also, apply lip balm to avoid drying lip skin during sleeping at night.

The below tips for glowing skin can give you the best results.

  1. Start with cleansing

A cleanser gets rid of pollutants, dead skin, dirt, oils, etc.; you need to do this in the morning. This will also prepare your skin to absorb the active ingredients from other products. Choose a cleanser as per your skin type. For normal skin, you need to choose hydrating cleanser. Choose a cleanser with salicylic acid that effectively removes the dead cells if you have oily skin.

  1. Apply Serum
A girl is applying serum on her face - face care tips

Serums are made up of tiny molecules for deep skin penetration. Therefore you need to apply serum early in your routine. Use serum of different formulations during day and night. Serums with antioxidants protect from free radicals that you may get during exposure to the sun.

  1. Moisturizing
A girl is applying moisturizer on her face - lip care

Moisturizers help in both hydration and seal it inside the skin cells. However, it tends to be heavier than the layers that go underneath. You should use moisturizers with hyaluronic acid and glycerin that absorb water. It is good to use different moisturizers for day and nighttime routines.

  1. Take extra Care of your Eye Area and Lips
A girl is taking care of her lips and eye area - lip care products

Blackness under the eyes is a common problem, but it can be taken care of with retinol cream that contains Vitamin A. It comes in gel, cream, or liquid form. It increases cell turnover, improves collagen production, reduces oil production, and unclogs pores.

In winters, most of us witness dry lips, especially at night. Lip care products with petroleum gelly help you lubricate the skin and keep your lips moist and hydrated.

  1. Wear a Serum High in Vitamin C
A girl is applying vitamin c face serum - daily skin care routine at home

Serum with high vitamin C content causes natural luminance and brightens the skin tone. It also reduces pigmentation, acne, and dark spots due to exposure to the sun. In addition, it provides a natural glow from within, making your skin look fresh.

  1. Apply a Honey Mask
A girl has applied honey mask on her face and showing the honey jar - tips glowing skin

Honey mask helps remove excess oil from the skin and reduce bacterial infection. It is also used to calm stubborn breakouts and relieve the skin’s autoimmune conditions.

  1. And finally, the Sunscreen
A smiling girl is applying sunscreen on her cheeks - skin care tips natural

You should wear sunscreen every day before going out to prevent skin damage from UV rays. There are two types of sunscreens – chemical and physical. Chemical sunscreen absorbs UV light, converts it into heat, and prevents it from reaching the skin. Choose the ones that contain zinc oxide and titanium oxide as it works best for your skin by reflecting light.


Treating your skin with the right combination of cleansers, serums, moisturizers, and sunscreens results in soft and smooth skin. With a daily skincare routine, you can nourish your skin and protect it from any damage. We hope you have answered your question about how to get naturally glowing skin from our article.

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