Dead Cells Developer is Looking to Add Accessibility Options to the Game


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Developer Motion Twin’s take on the roguelite metroidvania genre Dead Cells has been showered with praise by both critics and fans on account of its satisfying combat, interesting progression mechanics, and much more. However, the game has lacked sorely in the accessibility department- but the developer is looking to change things up now.

In a recent Steam community post, the developers have asked its community of players to pitch in ideas about how to make Dead Cells accessible to even more players. So far, the developers have come up with ideas such as resizing fonts, changing text color, accounting for colour blindness, and enabling autohit, which should make the game easier for those struggling to land their hits.

Some players have also suggested the addition of checkpoints, which is entirely debatable on its own considering Dead Cells is a roguelite title- although such options specifically in the accessibility section shouldn’t be much of an issue either way.

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