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The Demonfall Sound Update was released on January 15th, 2022! This patch features the addition of the Sound Breathing to the game, along with Hybrid getting different skins for some of their breathing. There’s also a Dark Thunder Nichirin that is available to get, which requires you to be a Hybrid with Thunder breathing. You will also find a variety of bug fixes and balance changes added, which you can find in the patch notes below.

Demonfall Sound Update Patch Notes

  • Sound Breathing added
  • As a hybrid some breath’s now have a diff skin:
    • Flames as Blue Flames
    • Water as Crimson Water
  • Dark Thunder Nichirin (Requires you to be a hybrid with thunder breathing and a dark thunder essence, it have 6 DMG)


  • Fixed “white shockwaves” on the map
  • Fixed a lot of inf castle bugs
  • You only lose your nichirin using a breath indict if you’re a SOUND/BEAST/INSECT/MOON user (cause these have their own custom nichirins)


  • Kamado nichirin damage reduced (8 –> 7)
  • Mist judgment cut now have a reduced stun time and pull the enemy ALWAYS on his back (This way you can’t rotate your camera to use it as a combo extender)
  • If you use any sun move without being kamado it will cost you a raw 10 of your health (Making the terrain ready for a sun/moon and kamado rework)
  • Sun now requires level 50 and 1 prestige, instead of 1 prestige only
  • Moon now requires level 50 and being a hybrid (Clan tokito no longer)
  • Moon nichirin damage increased (5 –> 6)
  • Moon catastrophe dmg only procs 1 time for a FIX 35 DMG
  • Fourth fang damage increased (8 –> 14 per hit), the last hit does 20 dmg
  • Fourth fang breathing need reduced (55 –> 35)
  • Thunderclap and flash dmg increased (30 –> 35)
  • Water first form breathing cost increased (25 –> 35)

That’s everything we know about the Sound update for Roblox Demonfall! We have a bunch more details on the game in the Demonfall section of our website, so be sure to check it out.

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