Developer of Netherguild looking for Alpha testers


Netherguild is an upcoming turn-based tactical roguelite dungeon-crawler that will be offering native Linux support, and you can try out the Alpha version right now. Long-time readers might recognise it, as we covered it initially quite early on back in 2019.

With blocky graphics backed up by some great looking lighting, you command various expeditions below the surface as you attempt to find a cure for a plague. Explore, camp and fight on as far as you can before heading back to resupply. As you explore and see more, the overworld will change with you featuring various events.


  • Roguelite with Persistence and Story: Keep your characters at the end of each expedition (if they survive), equip them with powerful items and level them up over time. Netherguild’s story progresses the more you explore and find out about the secrets of its world.
  • Dungeon Crawling Resource Management: Powerful abilities have a limited amount of uses. Your characters have limited inventory space. What is more important? The priceless loot you bring up back to the surface, or the firewood logs that let you descend even deeper?
  • Original Game World: Netherguild may be fantasy, but don’t expect it to play by genre conventions at all; No Orcs, no Elves, and no wizards casting fireballs. Expect to find strange biospheres and denizens far underground.
  • Cute Voxel Aesthetics: Contrasted by a story with serious themes, as you face against plague and conspiracy!

You can grab the Alpha right now from and follow on Steam.

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