Dimension7yo Arrested: What Did He Do? TikTok School Shooting Threat By Tron Welborn – Sound Health and Lasting Wealth


Tron Welborn was arrested after allegedly making and posting several rap videos, one of which threatened to shoot up a Central Florida school.

WESH-TV, an NBC affiliate, has the story. Tron Welborn, 36, was arrested in Volusia County on Monday and charged with making written threats to kill or injure others.

According to the station, police in Port Orange received a phone call from a woman who said she saw a video on YouTube of someone threatening a “mass school shooting in Spruce Creek.”

Because Welborn lives in Daytona Beach, police were called to assist with the investigation and he was arrested.

In a second video, Welborn allegedly threatened to shoot up a Trader Joe’s distribution center in Daytona Beach, where he worked.



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