Does Meatloaf Have A Son?

No, Meatloaf and Deborah did not have a son.

According to reports, the legendary singer had no son but two daughters with his wife. There has been no mention of his son on social media.

He has two daughters, according to Wikipedia: Pearl Aday and Amanda Aday. His stepdaughter, Pearl, is 46-47 years old. Leslie G. Edmonds is her biological father.


Pearl is a member of Meat Loaf’s touring band, Neverland Express. Scott Ian, Anthrax’s American guitarist, later married her.

Amanda Lee Aday is also an American actress. She is best known for her role as Dora Mae Dreifuss in the first season of HBO’s Carnivale.

Michael Lee Aday Children – What Are His Kids Name?

Meatloaf AKA Michael Lee Aday is a father of two beautiful daughters named Pearl and Amanda Aday.

Pearl was born in 1975, so her age is 47 now, while Amanda Aday was born on January 21, 1981, making her age 41. Besides, Pearl was born to Leslie G. Edmonds and an anonymous father.

And Pearl was adopted by Meat Loaf as a young child after his marriage to Leslie. Her biological dad was a drummer in singer Janis Joplin’s group, Full Tilt Boogie Band.

Furthermore, we can also find both Pearl and Amanda on the official page of Wikipedia, where we can explore more details about them. 


Michael Lee Aday Wives And Family

Michael Lee Aday married two wives and had two children.

Leslie G. Edmond, his first wife, works as a secretary at Bearsville Studios. They married one month after meeting in Woodstock, New York.



Later, the couple divorced and got separated. In 2007, Michael married Deborah Gillespie and was together until his death.

Deborah is the lady who stands aside by Michael at his death. 

Meatloaf Net Worth And Career

Meatloaf’s estimated net worth is approximately 40 million dollars, reported on Celebrity Networth.

Professionally, he was a legendary singer and actor. As reported on Express, his net worth is equivalent to about £29million.

With over 80 million record sales, Meatloaf was one of the best-selling artists who had earned millions of dollars.

He also appeared in nearly 50 films and television shows. Every year, he sold over 200k copies of his first two albums.

He was also known for his diverse, powerful voice and theatrical live performances.


Meatloaf Cause Of Death – What Did He Die From?

Netizens are desperate to know the real cause of Meatloaf’s death.



His family member has not revealed the cause of his death, as recorded on social media. He most likely died naturally.

There was no illness afflicting the legendary singer. Many celebrities and his fans pay their respects to him and his family members.

The cause of death will be revealed in the coming days, according to sources.