Elden Ring, Persona, Horizon, & More: Tons of Gorgeous Video Game Figures Revealed at Events in Japan


Wonderful Hobby Life For You!! 35 and AmiAmi Hobby Camp Alternative Exhibition. have been hosted today in Tokyo, revealing video game figures aplenty.

Today not one, but two events dedicated to the reveal of new figures were hosted in Akihabara, Tokyo. Good Smile Company hosted Wonderful Hobby Life For You!! 35 (or WonHobby 35 for short), while AmiAmi hosted AmiAmi Hobby Camp Alternative Exhibition.

As usual, many of the figures presented portray characters from popular video games, and below you can check them all out.

Keep in mind that some are painted prototypes, some are unpainted “grey” prototypes, and some are announcements limited to an illustration.

Most will be made available for pre-order in the next few weeks and months, and we’ll definitely do our best to keep you posted on when they do.

The pictures are all courtesy of Good Smile Company and AmiAmi, alongside a video published by Good Smile focusing on WonHobby 35.

If you want to see more figures, you can also check out the gallery from Wonder Festival 2022 Winter, hosted a few days ago.

Elden Ring


Shin Megami Tensei

Genshin Impact

Horizon Forbidden West


Metroid Dread

Azur Lane


Apex Legends

Death Stranding

Demon’s Souls


Guilty Gear

Silent Hill

Doki Doki Literature Club

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Assassin’s Creed



Higurashi: When They Cry



Blue Archive

Super Robot Wars

Black Rock Shooter


Girls’ Frontline

Umamusume Pretty Derby

Princess Connect

Alice Gear Aegis

Touken Ranbu

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