Elder Scrolls Online pops a Daedric War Celebration event with a new morphable pet


Normally we wouldn’t think that past wars are causes for celebration, but Elder Scrolls Online walks to the beat of its own Dwemer in this regard. Right now in the game, the Daedric War Celebration in raging, offering a chance to net a variety of rewards and even a new morphable pet.

From now through February 1st, players who own or have access to the Morrowind, Summerset, or Clockwork City DLC can earn tickets and reward boxes from a variety of activities. Some of the rewards that can be obtained through this event include weapon styles, pets, treasure maps motif chapters, and repair kits.

There’s also a fiery pet to chase after: “This event is your first opportunity to begin collecting a brand-new morphing collectable, the Soulfire Dragon Illusion and the first fragments for this year’s first morphable event reward! Keep an eye out on future event articles for information on the other fragments you’ll need to morph your Soulfire Dragon Illusion pet into the Scales of Akatosh skin.”

Elder Scrolls Online is revealing its 2022 roadmap next Thursday, January 27th, during a livestream event.



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