EverQuest II plots GU 199, GU 120, and a December expansion for 2022


Classic EverQuest wasn’t the only Daybreak game to get a roadmap yesterday: EverQuest II’s roadmap for 2022 is just as rare and just as meaty.

Most notably, EQII players can expect significantly more updates than its older sibling, including GU 199 and GU 120, the former of which includes “a new Overseer season, an Overseer Inventory system, new raid dungeons, new heroic dungeons, and new collections.”

Expect the Rivervale merge (already announced) and the Lore and Legend server, buffs to the test server, advancement for Kaladim, the franchise anniversary event, a new time-locked expansion server, and several event updates in the first half of the year with the expansion prelude (September), beta (October), and launch (December) to cap off 2022. EQII will also see 64-bit servers and clients this summer.



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