EXCITRUS launches 100W 20800mAh Power bank with MagSafe wireless charging


EXCITRUS has today announced the latest product in its charging series, the PD100W power bank. The new power bank is the only 100W Power bank in the market with a magnetic wireless charging function for MagSafe and retails for £75 with Amazon UK expected to stock in the coming months.

With a stylish fabric finish, the latest EXCITRUS power bank boasts a large 20800mAh heavy duty Li-ion battery which delivers super-fast 100W Power Delivery (PD) via the two USB-C ports to charge MacBooks, laptops and Samsung phones in the shortest time possible (Laptop 60% charge in 1hr, Smartphone 85% charge in 1hr). Additionally, the 100W power bank also features a 10W MagSafe compatible wireless charging option for Smartphones, iPods and other wireless devices – something not found on other power banks with this power delivery range.

For those who wish to charge their apple watch or earbuds, the 100w power bank also features a special low power device charging mode and features eight levels of safety protection to ensure all devices will not overheat or overcharge.

The digital display on the power bank shows the power remaining in the and also the charging mode status information by indicating fast charging mode (over 18W), low-power Bluetooth device charging mode and wireless charging mode activation with a set of icons. Thanks to its 65W PD fast charging USB-C input, the power bank can be recharged 0%-70% in just 60 minutes, making it ideal for those on the go to ensure they are never without charge on all of their electronic devices.

Weighing in at just 480 grams (16.93oz) with dimensions of 113 x 222 x 48mm (7.68 × 3.35 × 1.02 inches), the EXCITRUS 100w Powerbank is the ultimate travel and work companion with the ability to charge up to four devices at the same time and is available in dark green on the fabric design.

The EXCITRUS super-fast charging 100W 20800mAh Power bank is available from Amazon for £75 and the EXCITRUS website.


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