Farming Simulator 22: Make productions faster and faster


In the new Farming Simulator 22, you can not only sell the harvested crops or even feed them to the animals, you can also process the harvest in various production facilities. For example, you can process the grain into flour in a grain mill and deliver the flour to the bakery for the production of rolls and cakes. Or you can process the tree trunks into the wood in a sawmill and then have entire furniture made from it in a carpenter’s workshop, which can then be sold on at a higher price. In addition to the question of how to buy and sell production facilities, one or the other player may also ask how production can be accelerated and made faster.

Farming Simulator 22: Speed up productions

In the Farming Simulator 22 settings, there is still no option to speed up production. However, if you want to produce as much of something as quickly as possible, you can use a simple mod called “ Faster Productions ”. The mod does not increase the production speed of the already available and built productions, but the production facilities are duplicated in construction mode. The second variant has a faster production speed than the first variant and can produce up to 10,000 times faster. Even without fast-forwarding , the delivered products and crops are processed very quickly.

  • Download the Faster Productions mod and move the zip file to the mod folder (see our Installing FS22 Mods guide for more information ).
  • Start the game, load the save and install the mod you just downloaded.
  • Open the build mode using the key combination Shift key + P key and select and buy the “faster variant” from the production facility under the productions.

So far we are still looking for a way to speed up production by adjusting a configuration file. As soon as we have found a possibility here, we will of course add it to this article.


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