Final Fantasy VII Remake Writer Nojima is Getting Harassed by Fans


Kazushige Nojima, one of the main writers of the Final Fantasy series and the ongoing Final Fantasy VII Remake project has been harassed on Twitter by fans.

Kazushige Nojima is the main scenarist of Final Fantasy VII and the Remake, FFVIII, and FFX among others. Nojima recently mentioned having already written a plot for a possible Final Fantasy X-3. He’s also working on the upcoming Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin.

Few people realize Tetsuya Nomura isn’t the main writer of Final Fantasy VII Remake, and fewer are those who know of Nojima’s existence and his Twitter account. So only dedicated fans know about it. This means obsessive and weird fans are in there too.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake scenarist Kazushige Nojima is getting harassed by obsessive fans

On January 16, 2022, Kazushige Nojima tweeted a message indirectly referring to the harassment he’s been receiving from Final Fantasy fans.

In the tweet, Nojima mentioned that he can’t help but feel that sharing his opinions undermines the value of his previously released and upcoming games, and makes fans dislike them. So he feels that he just shouldn’t say anything anymore about his games on Twitter.

It’s also important to note that most of Kazushige Nojima’s tweets have nothing to do with games. As he’s just happily sharing tweets about his hobbies, or cute stories about his guinea pigs.

Nojima later added in a quote retweet that he’ll keep using Twitter but won’t talk about FF7R or his other games anymore.

There are already several replies showing support but more wouldn’t hurt. You should definitely send him something too. As it’s pretty rare for Japanese developers to share their worries like this too and most just bottle up everything inside.

There are many legendary Japanese developers, seiyuu, and artists with Twitter accounts. Some of them have criminally low follower counts. It’s important to reach out to them every now and then and tell them how much they matter to us. And how much their games and works shaped our lives.

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