Five Nintendo Predictions for 2022


ABizzel17h ago

These are solid options. My personal 5.

1. Breath of the Wild 2 releases 2022 / 2023 alongside Switch successor. Considering Zelda is pretty much an end/start of a generation franchise now, it might slip to early 2023 if the Switch successor decides to come out in Spring 2023 (like the Switch) instead of holiday 2022.

2. Switch Successor will be leaked mid 2022, announced late 2022 and release either holiday 2022 or Spring 2023. It will be based on a 6nm mobile version of NVIDIA’s Tegra Orin. This will help get the TDP and performance into a handheld, since full Orin is 65w and based on Ampere (8nm). A mobile version can reduce CPU core count from 12-core to 8-core ARM CPU, and cut the GPU cores down to around 1/4 with a clock speed around 1 GHz docked, and with at least 8GB LPDDR5 it will put the Switch 2 on par with the Xbox One in a handheld form backed by DLSS for higher resolutions / more 60 fps.

3. Nintendo partners with Sega and other Japanese companies. Nintendo isn’t going to buy-up studios like Microsoft and Sony, but they will likely have key partnerships with Japanese studios for exclusive content such as a new Sonic game, a new Monster Hunter, Nintendo Dynasty Warriors, new Square JRPGs, and more big AAA 3rd party Japanese games, as well as, getting more 3rd party Western PS4 and XBO ports Yakuza franchise, Virtua Fighter 5, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, Kingdom Hearts, Souls Games, Anime Games, etc…

4. Nintendo will focus on becoming more of an Entertainment company, instead of primarily being a gaming company. Nintendo will start to promote more Nintendo-centric events and mascots. Things like planning to expand their theme park concept, opening more Pokemon Centers in major cities around the world, getting involved in more Nintendo movies / YouTube shorts. Getting serious about holograms, so that their mascots can be represented in real-time via Holograms.

5. Nintendo Online will still be a subpar offering.


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