From Gijn To Riyadh, From Marcelino To Ancelotti: Sacchi’s “sick” –

The turns that football and life take. September 16, 1987, Stadium of The Molinn, in gijn. The Sporting receive the Milan in the first round of the UEFA Cup. The Sacchi’s Milan, that the following two seasons consecutively won the european cup. In Asturias, the Rossoneri already gathered their historic forward, Van Basten and Gullit, and his midfield was governed by a star Carlo Ancelotti. Jaime Álvarez scored the only goal of the match and José Novoa, the local coach, decided to make several changes to balance his team. Striker Zurdi retired and the midfielder entered Marcelino Garcia Toral.

And there, face to face on the circle that divided the pitch of El Molinn in two, the two coaches who today, in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia, will guide their teams in the final of the Spanish Super Cup.

That tie against Milan is one of the great memories of Marcelino’s football career. I only disputed those two continental meetings, the round trip against Sacchi’s team, who won 3-0 in the second leg played at the stadium Via del Mare from Lecce. There a connection was created between the now technical athletic club and the Italian team. “He is an admirer of that Milan.”, say those who know the Asturian best. Marcelino has seen, studied and analyzed every detail of that team, including the importance of Ancelotti, also a student of Arrigo and now a rival on the bench.

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