Future Nvidia GPUs could be 20% better at Ray Tracing


Nvidia is working on a new technique to improve the ray tracing capabilities of future GPUs. Ray tracing is all about calculating lighting and reflections to create detailed light and shadows in videogames. It’s quite demanding, but looks outsanding in games that were designed for it like Control, or can even bring new life to older titles like Half-Life. The new enhancement is called Subwarp Interleaving, and while it’s not currently ready to be implemented, it does sound like a promising potential step forward for GPUs.

Spotted by Ox22h on Twitter (via Tom’s Hardware), Nvidia recently posted a research paper which explains this new development. Subwarp Interleaving works by being better optimised to deal with ray tracing’s tendency to have high thread divergence and low warp occupancy in applications. It’s already showing gains that are on average 6.3% above usual, and can get up to 20% in best-case scenarios. 

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The Nvidia RTX 3070 and AMD RX 6700 XT side by side on a colourful background

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