Girl Stands Out In The List Of YouTubers –


Girl stands out in the list of YouTubers

Nastya, one of the highest paid on the platform

NEW YORK (EFE). — A 7-year-old girl with a stage name of Nastya and a channel called “Like Nastya” is the only woman on the list of the highest paid youtubers in the world published yesterday by “Forbes” magazine, known for its ranking the greatest fortune.

No surprises, the list is headed by 23-year-old MrBeast, who made $54 million last year thanks to his videos’ 10 billion views in 2021, including extravagances like spending 50 hours buried alive or giving away $10,000 to those who dared Enter a bathtub full of snakes.

With 90 million followers on his channel, MrBeast (real name Jimmy Donaldson) doubled his earnings over the past year thanks to operations like naming a “MrBeast burger” after him, which can be found in 1,600 restaurants across the United States and which he already has 5 million units sold.

It’s followed by boxer Jake Paul with $45 million in earnings, Markiplier ($38 million), married couple Rhett and Link ($30 million), but in this list of white adult males two slip into their top ten positions with children: Ryan Kaji, 10 years old and 31 million followers who made 27 million profits thanks in part to clothing and sponsored products sold in department stores.

But the most striking phenomenon is Nastya, the sixth highest paid on the channel: having emigrated from Russia with her parents, at the age of only 7 she has reached 85.8 million subscribers on the channel, where she tells about the almost daily activities of her life and with the he made $28 million.

For example, one of the most viewed videos on her Like Nastya channel last year involved meeting several little friends while decorating Halloween cakes.

That seems wise, since last year he sold the rights to his oldest videos to Spotter but reserved the rights to future ones. In addition, he has also created his own bespoke clothing and products.

Forbes comments that in 2021, YouTubers earned a total of $300 million, up 40% on the previous year and a new record thanks to the fact that the platform doesn’t stop adding subscribers until it reaches 2,000 million.

About half of YouTubers’ income comes from the advertising associated with these videos, but some of them are starting to develop their own products, which can multiply their financial opportunities.

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