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There’s no question that knowing how to code can be an advantage in a lot of different ways. But while adults will find it’s not at all difficult to learn Python, the easiest of programming languages, it’s well-known that kids learn more easily than adults. So young minds should take advantage of the opportunity to get three months of access to CodeSpark Academy for 66% off in order for kids to learn the fundamentals of computer science through games, puzzles, story creation and more.

CodeSpark’s goal is to help children learn to code by stimulating their curiosity about computer science through making programming more like play. Kids five years old and up can learn the basics through creative tools and coding challenges. It’s a really wonderful way for any child to learn to code. They’ll learn concepts like conditional statement, Boolean logic and sorting, loops, sequencing, events and more.

Up to three children will have unlimited access to all of the story and game creation activities and puzzles. Plus, new content will be released every month, and there are no in-game purchases or ads.

CodeSpark is proud that women comprise 50% of their team, as do people of color, because a diverse team is the best way to foster the innovative, creative environment so necessary for creating the best app to teach children how to code. The company is also proud to be a part of HOMER, dedicated to helping children to build their critical skills in order to start their learning journey in the best way possible.

It’s no wonder that CodeSpark has won a number of awards, including accolades like the Academics’ Choice Award Winner for Brain Toys, the 2020 Best Digital Tools Award by the American Association of School Librarians and the Gold Award by the Parents’ Choice Foundation.

Don’t miss this chance for new users to help kids learn computer science, while they can get 3 months of CodeSpark Academy for just $9.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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