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Dynamic colors, rounded corners, and everything else; as you know it

Google is always looking to improve Chrome OS — last week, we saw the calendar quick view get better integrated with Chrome OS 99, and this week, we learned that a new Self Share feature will be coming to the platform. Now, it seems Google is looking to implement some Material You design elements on Chrome OS.

Android 12 came with several improvements, but perhaps the stand-out feature was Material You, which brought a number of visual overhauls to smartphones eligible for the update. One such change was the dynamic color system that basically re-themes apps based on the colors of the chosen wallpaper. Now it seems we’ll be seeing something similar coming to Chromebooks (per 9to5 Google).


This might be a big update, but it’s not the first time we’ve seen Material You design cues on Chrome OS. Google hinted at this when it revamped Chrome OS’s wallpaper app with Material You vibes. It replaced the old vertical layout with a horizontal one and introduced a fair amount of rounded corners, larger text, and Google’s Product Sans font is more prominent just like it is in Android 12. However, while those changes were specific to the wallpaper app, this will be applied more generally to the OS.

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The folks at 9to5 Google were able to read through the code and create a mockup of these early Material You design changes using the built-in Calculator app. According to the report, the differences are not too apparent at this stage, but a drastic overhaul is not entirely out of the picture.

As of now, individual Chrome OS windows not in full-screen mode have fairly sharp edges with almost no rounding — that should change with Material You. Colors should also get a facelift, with Google most likely ditching the solid-colored frame for a semi-transparent window header that should let you catch a glimpse of whatever is behind it. These are still early stages, and the features are currently marked as prototypes, but they offer a sneak peek into what could be in store for Chrome OS.

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