Google Says Default 2FA Cut Account Breaches In Half – Slashdot


Google’s decision to enable two-factor authentication by default has resulted in a 50 percent decrease in account breaches among those users where the feature was auto-enabled. Engadget reports: The company didn’t say how rapidly it expected 2FA to spread, but promised to continue the rollout through 2022. More than 150 million people have been auto-enrolled so far, including more than 2 million YouTube creators. The company also promised more security upgrades to help mark Safer Internet Day. As of March, Google will let you opt-in to an account-level safe browsing option that keeps you from visiting known harmful sites. Google is also expanding Assistant’s privacy-minded Guest Mode to nine new languages in the months ahead, and has promised to ramp up safeguards for politicians ahead of the US midterm elections.


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