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I had not heard of Blackwind until the release announcement dropped in my inbox but it looks certainly my thing. It’s a new hack and slash shooter featuring men in stompy robot suits blasting aliens, what’s not to love. The game has been created by Drakkar Dev from Catania, Italy, and published by Blowfish Studios. Here’s the trailer.


Here’s more about the game:

Blackwind is a hack n slash shooter platformer sci-fi action game that puts you against hordes of enemies and frantic battles in a desperate attempt to stop a planetary invasion.

The Raknos hordes are raging the planet Medusa-42, a small human mining colony. When the starship “Pandora” is shot down, James Hawkins finds himself trapped inside a military Battle Frame prototype. He’ll have to discover its powers to survive the alien forces in different planet locations while searching for his father.


  • Story-driven and played like an adventure rather than a list of arenas to fight into.

  • You can choose your fighting style to be melee, ranged or a mix of them.

  • Enemies can be brutally killed with fierce termination moves.

  • Exploration, platforming and some environmental puzzles play a larger role than in the listed competitors. Also the presence of the detachable drone is a plus that can be used both in single player and in local co-op mode.

I did say in the headline the game is available on all formats and I did meant that, it’s even coming out on Mac. You can find on the PlayStation Store for both PS4 and PS5, on Xbox, on Switch, on Steam, GOG and the Mac App Store. Blimey.

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