HITMAN 3 arrives on Steam and works flawlessly on Linux with Proton

Good news for the Steam Deck. IO Interactive have finally put HITMAN 3 on Steam, after the Epic exclusive period has finished and it works out of the box on Linux with Steam Play Proton. Note: personal purchase.

Concluding the Agent 47 saga, the Steam release of course had its own drama to deal with. While it has been out for a year already on the Epic Store (which doesn’t support Linux at all), it arrived on Steam at full price which has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Add to that the thoroughly confusing and long list of packages for HITMAN 3, plus Humble Store being required to separate between Epic / Steam (with the Epic version at 50% off but Steam is not) – the result added together was not a good one for IO.

They’ve made the same mistake as previous entries with overwhelming choice. Even I was confused by it. They don’t even properly explain anywhere on the Steam store, that if you own either (or both) HITMAN 1 / HITMAN 2 on Steam, you don’t actually need the DLC for their missions as you will get them automatically when you first properly load it up (as I confirmed myself). You only find that out if you go to the Steam forum.

If you don’t want or don’t care about the previous two games, there is a “story so far” cinematic to bring you up to speed.

For Linux fans the good news is that HITMAN 3 runs out of the box on Linux tested with Proton Experimental. Videos and all, everything just works. So, it may be late to Steam but it now makes it a click away to game on Linux and so for the Steam Deck too – which is fantastic news.

Considering the performance on my system, it should have no problem performing well on the Steam Deck. It’s incredibly smooth, so it seems on the technical side IO actually did a genuinely good job at optimizing the game to begin with. I’ve not encountered any major stuttering, which I did see when testing HITMAN 2 with Proton originally. It also goes to show how far Proton has come in a couple years to be this good now.

If you’ve not played the series before it’s actually thoroughly entertaining. Every level is a big sandbox for you to deal with this mission how you see fit. HITMAN is a game about stealth though, so going in hot with a big weapon is not something you’re going to be doing often (or at all). Gain intel, listen in on conversations and gradually make your way towards targets to eventually take them down. Some missions can take hours to do depending on how elaborately you wish to take people down.

Something to note is that HITMAN 3, like the others before it, does need you to be online. There is a single-player offline mode but it’s very limited.

If you’re a Humble Choice subscriber, you can at least get 20% off on the Humble Store. Otherwise it’s full price on Steam but there is a demo if you wish to give it a test.

Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.

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