How Rainbow Six Extraction raids work: Missions and objectives


You can choose from a total of 18 characters in Rainbow Six Extraction. Which of these is the best operator? And which ones are particularly suitable for players who go on missions either alone or in co-op? Here we present the best operators for solo and team players.

What really matters when choosing the operator

The goals in Rainbow Six Extraction are mostly very similar. You must always know where nests and enemies are and should always keep your health at a high level. That’s why some operators are just better for solo or team play than others.

There are also skills and gadgets that might overwhelm you when you start. The choice of character or your personal best operator at the beginning of the game should be one whose skills are easy to learn and, in the best case, will support your team in a meaningful way.

The best operators for solo players in Rainbow Six Extraction

You don’t feel like hectic players at all and prefer to clean zones alone? Then the choice of the best operator is particularly crucial. Finally, when your health drops to zero, you’ll bite the slimy black as soon as you hit it. Only the revival kit as a REACT gadget gives you a second chance. Here is a selection of the best operators for solo players:

Doc: The one man army healer

The Doc is a classic healer, making him an important member of any team. However, he can also use his resuscitation pistol to heal himself, making him one of the best operators for solo players.

Instead of firing health orbs at allies, you put the syringes in your own arm, even healing yourself beyond the default 100. If you increase his level to 7, you will receive five healing shots, each of which restores up to 30 TP (hit points).

The Doc wields a shotgun as a weapon, making it particularly deadly at close range. Since you benefit from increased health and armor, you will easily engage in one-on-one combat with large or heavy infected. You are almost an insurmountable one-man army, so the Doc is also suitable for beginners.

The only downside of the Doc: you have to keep refilling the arrows for the resuscitation pistol. But since there are enough crates in the zones, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

As mentioned at the beginning, the Doc is also a good choice for team players. You can even remotely revive downed allies with the Reanimation Pistol. Keeping HP at a healthy level is essential, especially on high difficulties, and the Doc is the best operator for that.

Pulse … has everything in view

Your biggest threat in Rainbow Six Extraction is nested. These allow an infinite number of archaea to appear if you don’t turn them off. To avoid this danger, you should use Pulse as an operator, which is also very beginner-friendly.

With his heart sensor on his arm, which you can use for as long as you like, you can spot nests, missing people, and VIPs through walls and other obstacles. You mark your targets like the nests in advance and you can easily bypass them or just quietly turn them off. So you decimate the infected with ease.

Increasing the level of Pulse also increases the range of the sensor. Similar to the Doc, Pulse is not only one of the best solo operators, but also lends itself to a strong team. For your allies, you mark nests at great distances and thus avoid the danger of a trap.

Alibi: Rejects all eyes

As a solo player, you are the only target for archaea and will quickly be overwhelmed if you draw too much attention to yourself. Therefore, Alibi is one of the best operators for you when you are traveling alone. Thanks to her prism, you throw out a decoy that opponents pounce on.

Not only will you draw attention to the bait, buying yourself time to flee or find your next target, enemies will also be flagged when they smash into your doppelganger. However, this ability isn’t just for defense.

Often you have to scan targets and are not allowed to leave a special area. Infected are pouring in and will all rush you because you’re playing solo. Use the decoys in strategically clever positions or lure the enemies into a corridor, where you lie in wait for them and easily shoot them down. Best of all, you can create multiple doppelgangers of yourself.

The Vigil operator works similarly to Alibi and could be a good alternative for all solo players. This can camouflage itself and remains mostly undetected.

The best operators for team players

Whether it ‘s “quick play” or in co-op with friends: Rainbow Six Extraction is designed for teams of up to three players and only then unfolds its full potential. The best operator here is the one that gives everyone in the group an advantage or acts in support of allies. The best operators for team players can be found here:

Lion: No infected person goes undetected

Lion acts as a scout and is valuable to any team. With his drone, Lion marks all targets that move for a short time and that’s almost all of them. After a short cooldown, the recon drone can be used again, so you never have to stock up.

Enemies within a radius of up to 30 meters (when upgrading Lion to a higher level) are marked and are therefore visible to all players. What makes Lion one of the best operators for team players is its effectiveness in all mission types. No matter what you need to do, Lion’s drone always comes in handy. You will hardly miss any danger.

On low levels of difficulty, make sure that many infected people will not move or run out of paths. The drone can then no longer acquire these targets. As a Lion, you should always fight on the front lines to quickly identify and eliminate potential threats to the team.

IQ ensures sufficient replenishment of resources

Not necessarily valuable for soloists, IQ only develops its true potential in a team. Thanks to the scanner on her arm, you can see REACT gear through walls and other obstacles. This means the containers that increase your equipment, skills, or health.

IQ scan the area and ping the container locations for your allies – they’ll thank you. Especially when you reach the third zone and the resources are starting to run out, such ability comes in handy for the whole team. Also, there is no cooldown for the scanner.

IQ harmonizes particularly well with the Doc. Its only weakness is the arrows in its resuscitation gun, which run out quickly. You can use IQ to scan the containers so the Doc never runs out of healing abilities.


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