How To Add Some Flare To Your Telegram Conversations With Reactions


Telegram is easily one of the most popular chat services available and now it has one of the most popular features in chat too. Stepping right past other recent additions. More precisely, that’s the ability to add an emoji-style reaction to a message, but how do you accomplish that in Telegram on the web or in the app? That’s precisely what this guide sets out to explore.

So if that’s what you’re looking to do, whether just to add some flare or to more quickly chime in about how a message makes you feel — without the need to really type anything out — read on.

Here’s how to add a reaction to your Telegram conversation messages on Android

Now, using reaction emojis in Telegram is actually very easy to accomplish. It only requires a few steps, although those steps are slightly different depending on which platform you use, and the steps themselves are fairly short. Conversely, the feature itself is also fairly self-explanatory. With reactions effectively used to add an animation and emoji-style stamp to a message, showcasing how you’re responding to it without typing anything — using emoji and animations.

So we won’t waste much time getting right to the process itself.

If you’ve already got a conversation open, you can skip steps one and two below. If you’re using Telegram on the web, you can skip to the next segment.

  1. Begin, of course, by opening the Telegram app on your smartphone or tablet — or Chromebook device via the Android app for Telegram
  2. Select a conversation you’d like to add a reaction to
  3. Scroll, if needed, to find the message you’d like to react to
  4. Tap that message, as shown in our sample images below
  5. Telegram will present you with a list of options to select from, on-tap. Those will include the usual “Reply,” “Copy,” “Forward,” “Pin,” and “Delete” options. But it will also include a horizontal bar filled with emojis. You may also scroll left or right through the emojis. Telegram is adding new emojis to the list fairly consistently, so there are always more to choose from. When you find the one you’d like to use, select it
  6. Upon selecting an emoji, Telegram will display an animation, adding the emoji to the message
  7. Once the animation is completed, the emoji will appear stamped on the message as well, as shown in our final sample image below
  8. If you need to remove a reaction emoji from a message on Telegram, that’s going to be a bit harder on mobile. Primarily because the mobile and web variants don’t share the same right-click-style menu. You’ll need to first select the message on mobile, just as you did when adding an emoji. Then you can reselect the same emoji you chose before and it will remove it. Or, conversely, you can select a different emoji to change your reaction

…or on the web

You can also add an emoji reaction using a similar set of “how-to” steps via the Telegram Web client. Albeit, with an ever-so-slightly different process. Mostly, that comes down to the fact that desktop and web platforms don’t utilize the same tap-based interactions. If you’re already signed into Telegram Web, you can skip steps one and two below. If you’re already in a conversation, you can skip step three as well.

  1. Start by opening a fresh browser tab or window and navigating to Telegram via either a Google search or by going to the “” page. Unlike some of our other how-to guides, this method won’t necessarily work the same in a mobile browser. Desktop mode or not. So you’ll need to be on a computer or laptop of some sort to use this method
  2. Log in, if you aren’t already, using the provided methods. Either via scanning the on-screen QR code or by using your phone number or other log-in credentials
  3. Once logged in, select the chat containing the message you’d like to add a reaction to
  4. Scroll, if needed, to find the message you’d like to add a reaction to
  5. Instead of simply tapping, as you would on mobile devices or in-app, right-click — two-finger or alt+click on a Chrome OS gadget — on the message in question
  6. Just as with mobile, you’ll be presented a row of emojis just above the usual copy, reply, etc. Select the emoji you’d like to react with, scrolling left or right as needed
  7. Telegram will display a brief animation and then place an emoji stamp on the message you’ve selected
  8. To remove the reaction from a message for whatever reason, simply right-click again and then select the option to remove the emoji/reaction. Conversely, you can also select a different emoji to change your reaction if you need to, without the need to remove your other one


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