How to connect Xbox One controller to Android (Samsung Galaxy Note 10)


I was using my roommates Xbox wireless controller and it worked perfectly. So I bought this new controller because it looked cool off Facebook market place. It’s a special edition Ocean Shadow wireless controller. My roommate updated it on the Xbox and did all the initial steps to make sure it’s good to go. It works on his Xbox. It just doesn’t work completely with my phone for whatever reason. Before I ever used controllers I used the controller on the phone itself. I customized my control’s so I could run and shoot and everything. I spent all day yesterday looking for help. Everything from YouTube to all kinds of pages and I can’t figure it out. I mean it’s crazy it’s the only controller I have ever come across that only has unboxing videos on YouTube. It’s a Windows 10, Xbox wireless controller, it works with computers and tablets with windows 10 and of course the Xbox. My phone however should work, It’s a Samsung galaxy note 10.



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