How To Get The Most Of Your Skincare


It is not a secret that your daily habits directly affect the way you look and feel. Regular cleansing, toning and moisturising are just as important for your skin as hygiene, water and food intake for your body. Surely enough, choosing cleansers, face washes, toners, serums and creams that suit your skin type and lifestyle is crucial. However, even luxury products may not work if you don’t follow the first and foremost everyday facial care step.

A Good Start is Half the Battle

When it comes to facial care, proper cleansing is the key to everything. Firstly, it helps to remove oil, dead skin cells, dirt, debris and other pollutants from your skin. Secondly, it allows various facial care products to penetrate your skin. But a cleanser or a face wash alone may not be enough for keeping your skin radiant. For an enhanced cleansing, you can use a face exfoliating brush, like one of those at . Designed for deep cleaning and gentle exfoliating, an electric facial cleanser will bring your skincare routine to a whole new level. It will help to unclog pores and wash away oil and dirt so you will soon forget about dull skin. Note that if you have makeup on your face, you will need an additional pre-step before using a cleaning brush which is removing your mascara, lipstick and other makeup with dedicated products such as oil cleansers or micellar water.

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What Makes Face Brush Cleaners so Effective

Thanks to their delicate exfoliating properties, sonic electric facial cleansers are great for acne and blackheads treatment. Meanwhile, less expensive rotating face brushes are good at fast and easy dirt removal, though they are not as gentle. Improving circulation in tissues and uplifting your skin is one more pleasant bonus you get with a face brush set because many of these devices have a certain massaging effect. Some sets come with multiple attachments for cleansing, massaging, exfoliating dead skin cells and even for hair epilating. More often than not, facial brushes are battery operated which allows for easy use and portability. Wherever you go, with a face brush set at hand, you will be able to prepare your skin for hydrating and nourishment.

How to Choose a Facial Brush for Your Skin Type

Just like other skincare products, facial brushes may vary in price, and certainly, not all of them are good for your individual needs. Knowing your skin type, you will be able to select the item that suits you best. Unlike rotating brushes that could damage sensitive skin especially if used more often than your dermatologist recommends, more expensive sonic face brush cleaners use oscillations to remove any impurities. That is why they are usually recommended for all skin types. In any case, if you have sensitive skin, you can start with 1-2 sessions a week and see how the cleaning brush works for you.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Whichever brush type you buy, it is vital to use it the right way. So please, consider all the available information before making your choice and using the device. You should also pay careful attention to the provided attachments to make sure the set includes everything you need for your beauty routine. If you are looking for a more portable solution, you may like one of the contemporary face exfoliating brushes that have several zones with small to large silicone touchpoints for cleansing various facial areas. It will become a real find for those with sensitive and mixed skin types. Besides, sophisticated face brush cleaners offer several intensity levels to perfectly suit your grooming needs.

Your Skincare Equipment Needs Proper Care Too

Last but not least, it is essential to properly maintain your grooming gear. After each use, wash the brush head with unscented soap and rinse it with warm tap water. Massaging the bristles clockwise and counterclockwise for a minute or so will help to remove dirt more effectively and prevent bacteria build-up. After rinsing, make sure to let the attachment air-dry in a well-ventilated room. It is also recommended to replace brush heads every three months. Needless to say, they cannot be shared with other people. Following these simple stems, you will get the most of your skincare time after time.


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