HP E34m G4 WQHD Curved USB-C Conferencing Monitor contains 90% recycled materials


Improve your work-life while purchasing a sustainable product with the HP E34m G4 WQHD Curved USB-C Conferencing Monitor. It features over 90% recycled materials for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional monitors. All the while, it boasts an array of features and advanced technology to enhance your productivity whether you work from home or in an office. In particular, the 34-inch, curved display expands your field of view, while the low blue light filter protects your eyes. Moreover, this HP monitor offers a WQHD, 3440 x 1440 resolution for brighter colors and deeper blacks. This is great for using this monitor to watch movies or play games. Best of all, the built-in speakers and 5 MP webcam improve clarity and communication when you’re connecting with coworkers, remotely. Finally, another standout component of this monitor is its charging method: use a single USB-C cable to connect and charge your PC.


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