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Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner hilariously poked fun at herself with an intense TikTok video of her falling on her face while hurtling down slopes.

Don’t expect to see Kendall Jenner participate in the Winter Olympics anytime soon! The 818 Tequila founder shared a hilarious clip of herself fading while snowboarding on Monday, February 7. joke at his expense by sharing the video in his very first TikTok.


It gives “choose me” vibes

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In the clip, Kendall wore black snow pants over a white top with pink sleeves, along with the protective gear needed to shred on the slopes. After taking the air, she quickly lost her balance and got her face full of powder. Still, Kendall poked fun at herself. She put the video to audio of one of her iconic quotes from Keeping up with the Kardashians. “I am literally built like an athlete. All the blood tests I took showed that I was over the normal athletic limit,” she said in the old video. Even though the quote was heard loud and clear for the video, Kendall could be heard screaming as she fell in the background. Kendall also seemed to poke fun at the old quote with her caption. She said it gave “choose me” vibes, which is slang for someone who is constantly seeking validation.

Despite posting the epic wipeout video, Kendall showed she was totally good on a snowboard in January. She posted some videos and photos of herself descending a mountain with ease, while vacationing in Aspen, Colorado. In these clips, she wore an eye-catching outfit with a sparkling silver winter coat as she snowboarded down the slope.

Kendall Jenner Wipes Hard While Snowboarding: Check Out Her Epic Face - Light Home News
Kendall rocks all black as she leaves the gym. (ENT/SplashNews)

While she may have had a chill in the TikTok video, she was definitely bundled up more than during any of her January photo shoots. The tequila entrepreneur posted a series of photos while on vacation in Aspen, where she wore snow boots and a tiny black bikini while out in the snow. It was definitely colder in these photos!

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