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Last weekend a developer intentionally corrupted two of his libraries which collectively had more than 20 million weekly downloads and thousands of dependent projects.

Eight days later, one of those libraries has become a community controlled project.

Some highlights from the announcement at

We’re a group of engineers who were using Faker in prod when the main package was deleted. We have eight maintainers currently….

What has the team done so far?

1. Created a GitHub org [repository] for the new Faker package under @faker-js/faker.
2. Put together a team of eight maintainers.
3. Released all previous versions of Faker at @faker-js/faker on npm.
4. Released the Version 6 Alpha
5. Almost completed migrating to TypeScript so that DefinitelyTyped no longer needs to maintain its external @types/faker package.
6. Created a public Twitter account for communicating with the community.
7. Released the first official Faker documentation website….

Faker has never had an official docs website and the awesome Jeff Beltran has been maintaining a project called “Un-Official faker.js Documentation” for the last 3 years.

He gave us permission to re-use his work to create

8. Cleaned up tooling like Prettier, CI, Netlify Deploy Previews, and GitHub Actions.
9. Done a TON of issue triage and many, many PR reviews.
10. We’ve gotten in contact with the Open Collective and discussed a transition plan for the project.

We fully intend to extend Faker, continuously develop it, and make it even better.

As such, we will work on a roadmap after we release 6.x and merge all of the TypeScript Pull Requests in the next week….

We’re now turning Faker into a community-controlled project currently maintained by eight engineers from various backgrounds and companies….

We’re excited to give new life to this idea and project.

This project can have a fresh start and it will become even cooler.

We felt we needed to do a public announcement because of all of the attention the project received in the media and from the community.

We believe that we have acted in the way that is best for the community.

According to the announcement, they’ve now also forked the funding so the project’s original sponsors can continue to support the community-driven development in the future, while the original developers Marak and Brian “were able to retain the $11,652.69 USD previously donated to the project.”

Friday the official Twitter account for the new community project announced “It’s been a week. We’ve merged all of the active forks. Currently at 1532 stars. Looks like everything is settling.” [It’s now up to over 1,800 stars.]

One of the new maintainers has posted on Twitter, “I’m just grateful to the faker community that willed itself into existence and stepped up.”

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