Lost Ark Artilleryman Leveling Guide


Artistic Gunner is a Gunner specialization in Lost Ark . This Gunslinger build guide is for max-level players who want to get the highest possible DPS in Dungeons and Raids. This class guide includes a spec, as well as overviews of the best engravings, card sets, and equipment (BiS-Gear).

The art shooter is placed in the category of gunners. Their three weapons—pistols, shotgun, and rifle—make them a nimble and flexible class in combat.

The class is often lumped together with the marksman. While the identities are the same, the Artistic Archer is mostly played with her rifle due to her engravings and abilities, making her one of the ranged classes in Lost Ark.

  • Strengths of the artistic shooter
    • It is a nimble class with high mobility
    • With 16 different skills, she is far more flexible than other classes
    • It has a high damage potential when played well
    • She attacks from a safe distance
  • Weaknesses of the artistic shooter
    • She has low life points
    • She has low armor
    • Many skills give flexibility, which in turn is harder to master

Artistic Shooter Identity

Every class in Lost Ark has what is called an identity. Identity is a unique resource system with one or more class abilities that affect gameplay.

The Artistic Gunner’s identity allows her to freely switch between the aforementioned three weapon types.

In general, the Artistic Archer uses her pistol skills for mobility and to boost her attacks. The rifle is typically used to deal high damage. The attacks are not directional here, so the class can stand where it wants. When using the rifle is not possible, either due to cooldowns or boss mechanics, the Artistic Archer resorts to the shotgun.

Artistic Shooter Awakenings

From level 50, the classes in Lost Ark learn two so-called awakenings. From other players we know this type of ability under the term Ultimate. These are powerful abilities with high cooldowns.

Since we can only use one revival at a time, we must choose one. For this build, we went with High Caliber Blast Orb. These are the two revivals that we will unlock later. Until then, let’s play Eye of Twilight with the first awakening.

Level guide

The following three skills are available for leveling in Lost Ark . With the first two level skills we deal high damage. The third ability is a so-called movement skill, with which we can progress faster. You can find out what else you should pay attention to in our guide to leveling in Lost Ark .

Artistic Shooter Skill

Once we’ve finished leveling up in Lost Ark , that’s when the game really gets going. We have accumulated 252 skill points at this point. We get more skill points in different ways. You can read more about this in our guide to skill points . Below are two skill trees. The first skill shows you how to distribute your skill points with a fresh level 50 character. The second skill tree shows you the skills in the endgame at level 55. Since we can only equip 8 runes in total, some fields are empty.

According to this spec, we distribute our skill points once we reach level 50 and unlock our first awakening. We don’t invest any skill points in Last Request and Spiral Flame. We only use them for counter and CC attacks.

We can permanently use 8 pistol skills, 4 rifle skills and 4 shotgun skills. Thus, 3 pistol skills are available without point investment.

  • Eye of Twilight
    With this awakening we reduce an opponent’s movement and attack speed. After that, we deal a fair amount of damage.
  • High-Caliber Blast Orb
    We aim at an enemy, then fire an orb while quickly moving backwards. The second awakening is slightly faster with comparable damage, making it a better choice.
  • Quick Step
    We slide forward and fire our weapon. We use this ability mainly because of the buff from the first upgrade, which activates when it hits. This increases attack and movement speed for a short time while reducing the same stats on enemies hit. The rune gives us a chance to further increase our attack and movement speed.
  • Spiral Seeker
    We throw a whirling pistol at the target location, debuffing it with the first upgrade. This reduces the hit enemy’s crit resistance for a short time for all party members. With the rune we also give the opponent a bleeding.
  • Somersault Shot
    We flip forward while firing our pistol. Since we’re going to use this ability to quickly change positions, we’ll choose Ignore Collision for the first upgrade. With it we can pierce normal bosses.
  • Balance
    We fire our pistol over a wide area, dealing damage. With this ability, we also give opponents a debuff, which reduces their crit resistance.
  • Skillful Shot
    As we move forward, we fire our pistol multiple times. We use this ability for a quick change of position and therefore increase our attack speed with the first upgrade. With the rune we have a chance to remove a weakness from us.
  • Peacemaker
    With this skill we fire multiple shots in a combo. With the first upgrade, we’re changing this ability to a charge attack.
  • Shotgun Rapid
    Fire We fire our shotgun three times, dealing damage each time. With the three upgrades we increase damage and crit probability. The rune makes this ability run faster.
  • Double
    Shot We fire multiple shots from our shotgun in a combo. With the two upgrades we increase damage and crit probability. The rune makes this ability run faster.
  • Sniper
    Also with this skill we fire multiple shots with our shotgun and increase damage and crit probability through upgrades. With the rune we also increase the stagger damage.
  • Final Request
    We fire a powerful exploding orb, knocking enemies into the air. We only use this ability to counter when the bosses are outlined in blue.
  • Perfect Shot
    We fire a high-velocity, large caliber shell that deals normal damage. A bar with a marker appears in the interface. This marker automatically moves from left to right. If we manage to hit a certain area with the mark, we’ll deal a lot of damage again and knock enemies back. With all three upgrades, we increase the damage if we hit the perfect area.
  • Focused Shot
    We fire our rifle multiple times, reducing the movement speed of enemies for a very short time and knocking them over. The first upgrade and rune will make the ability run faster. With the other two upgrades we increase the damage.
  • Aim on the ground
    After slow aiming, three targeted shots follow. With the first upgrade, we’re reducing the target duration. With the further upgrades we increase the number of shots to four, as well as the damage caused.
  • Spiral
    Flame With this ball of flame, we deal a one-off high damage and also give opponents a DoT (damage over time). We also use this ability to throw enemies into

Playing style / rotation

There is usually something called a rotation of classes in Lost Ark . Playing after this rotation is the best way to increase your DPS.

Artistic Archer rotation is based on maintaining one buff and one debuff. The debuff becomes active with the first upgrade of both Spiral Seeker and Balance skills . With this we reduce the crit resistance of the opponents. Since it is the same effect twice, this debuff cannot stack. Ability cooldowns are so low that we can always maintain the debuff. This is something to watch out for throughout the fight.

Next, we activate a buff for us with Faststep, which briefly increases attack and movement speed . We always use this ability afterwards as soon as it becomes available again. As soon as debuffs and buffs are active, we deal a lot of damage with our awakening Eye of Twilight or High-Caliber Explosive Orb .

Depending on the position in the fight, we now choose between shotgun (close combat) and rifle (ranged combat). For a quick change of position we use pistol skills. Further rotation no longer includes a fixed sequence of abilities, but in fact only the maintenance of buffs and debuffs.

Distribution of values ​​​​at the art shooter

Certain attributes are particularly important for each class or build. However, there are also attributes that are worthless because they do not grant any bonuses. The higher the useful attributes, the stronger our character will become. The most important attributes for the Artistic Marksman are Crit Chance , followed by Agility or Specialization .

Artistic Shooter Build Engravings

There are two different class engravings to choose from for each class. In most cases, however, it makes little sense to use both class engravings. These engravings differ so much that the way you play is influenced by this choice. For the art shooter, we choose Peacemaker . In addition to the class engraving, we distribute points into additional engravings that are available to all classes. The points are distributed in the following order.

First we increase our class engraving Peacemaker to level 1. Then we increase our damage best with Grudge and Massacre or Cursed Doll , so that we bring two of these engravings to level 3 for the time being. Later, when we get more Engrave Points, we bring Peacemaker to level 3 and invest more points in Daring Blunt Weapon and Adrenaline .

  • Peacemaker
    Our class engraving grants us a buff when switching weapons for a short time depending on the weapon.
  • Grudges
    We take more damage from bosses, but we also deal more damage.
  • Massacre
    This engraving grants 16% more damage to any ability that does not deal directional damage (front or ambush attacks).
  • Cursed Doll
    Attack power is increased while healing is reduced. However, natural regeneration is excluded from this.
  • Daring Blunt Weapon
    Critical damage is increased by 10-50%, but all attacks deal less damage with some 20% chance.
  • Adrenaline
    With this engraving we increase our attack power and our crit probability in battle.

Artistic Shooter Build card set

In Lost Ark , numerous trading cards are hidden in the game. If we find a card, it will be added to our collection. By combining multiple matching cards, set effects become active as soon as we add them to our deck. With the art shooter, we collect the Howling Rocks card set first , followed by Light of Redemption . Below is an overview of the best cards or the best card set for the art shooter. You can find out where to get the individual cards in our guide to trading cards .

  • Howling Rock
    • 2-Set : Dark Damage Drain +8%
    • 4-Set : Dark Damage Drain +8%
    • 6-Set : Dark Damage Drain +9%
    • 6-Set (12-piece Awakening) : Crit Chance +7%
    • 6-Set (30-piece Awakening) : Individual and group Holy damage on target +3.5%
  • light of salvation
    • 2-Set : Dark Damage Drain +10%
    • 4-Set : Dark Damage Drain +10%
    • 6-Set : Dark Damage Drain +10%
    • 6-Set (12-piece Awakening) : Change damage type to Holy
    • 6-Set (18-piece Awakening) : Holy Damage +7%
    • 6-Set (30-piece Awakening) : Holy Damage +8%

Artistic Shooter Build BiS-Gear

The names of the weapons and armor in Lost Ark only reveal where they came from and not what attributes they have. Above all, we get jewelry in different ways as loot or as a reward. However, it is possible to specifically farm some items.

Artistic Shooter Sets

For the Deathblade we collect set parts from the Rage Elemental set. The slightly worse alternative is the Angry Nature set. The set bonuses look like this:

  • Roaring Elemental
    • 2-Set : Attacking a Rank “Boss” or higher monster increases your attack speed and movement speed by 4% each for 6 sec, up to a maximum of 8%. (Cooldown: 3 sec)
    • 5-Set : Increases damage against boss-ranked monsters or higher by 12%.
  • angry nature
    • 2-Set : Movement Speed: +8%
    • 5-Set : Attack Power +4% for 8 sec, up to a maximum of 12% when attacking a “Boss” Rank or higher monster. (Cooldown: 3 sec)


There are no gems in the European release version of Lost Ark yet. However, these will be added at a later date. Once the first major update for Lost Ark comes out, we will list the best gems for the art shooter here.

slot attributes engravings set part origin
companion 5% health points
10% crit chance
amulet Crit Chance
Almost everywhere
earrings crit chance Almost everywhere
rings crit chance Almost everywhere
skill stone vitality Weekly Tasks
Auction House
Raging Elemental’s Lance
crit chance Crafted using raw materials from Abyss Dungeons in Rohendel
Helm of the Rushing Elemental
crit chance Crafted using raw materials from Abyss Dungeons in Rohendel
Pauldrons of the Rushing Elemental
crit chance Crafted using raw materials from Abyss Dungeons in Rohendel
Chestguard of the Rampaging Elemental
crit chance Crafted using raw materials from Abyss Dungeons in Rohendel
of the Rage Elemental
crit chance Crafted using raw materials from Abyss Dungeons in Rohendel
of the Roaring Elemental
crit chance Crafted using raw materials from Abyss Dungeons in Rohendel


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