Lucydasshh Tiktok Video: What’s Her Real Name?

Lucydasshh’s real name is Lucy Dash. She seems to be only active on Titok and Instagram for now, as effort to get her twitter and Reddit handle didn’t give the expected result.

Lucydasshh’s Age – How Old Is She?

Her date of birth isMarch 14h, 1998. Lucy is a Pisces who lives in Brooklyn, New York, and has a black ethnic origin and an American identity.

Lucydasshh is a well-known TikTok star who also works as a hairdresser and has a salon in Brooklyn, according to sources.

Is Lucydasshh On Wikipedia? – Details

Lucy Dash is yet to feature on the official page of Wikipedia. But, TikTok’s Lucydasshh is a hairstylist and salon owner situated in Brooklyn, New York.

Lucy has 151.7K TikTok fans and has over 827K likes in just three videos. Furthermore, her fan base appears to be steadily growing.

Furthermore, Lucydasshh was dating her attractive boyfriend, but it is unknown if they are still together. Her partner’s adultery was recently revealed to her.



In reality, she led him to the woman with whom he was secretly texting. The three of them then got into a dispute, but we have no idea what transpired after that.


Her Partner – Tiktok Cheating Boyfriend Messages Exposed

Lucydasshh’s most recent TikTok video quickly went viral. She began by posting a video of herself driving the car while her boyfriend slept.

Lucy stated in the video that she overheard her husband texting a woman from another state. He had also planned to meet the unknown woman for a date on January 122, 2022.

Dash, on the other hand, asked for her location and then deleted the message. In the video, she then pretended to have a family emergency and was seen driving her partner to another woman’s address.


@lucydasshh #fypシ #viral #viralvideo #foryou ♬ original sound


At first, most people assumed it was just a point-of-view video and not real. Netizens have gone insane after seeing the second half of her viral video.

In the following video segment, Lucy and her boyfriend meet the anonymous woman. Her companion was taken aback and also took her phone.

There were some conversations between the three of them, but it was difficult to hear much of what they were saying due to the distracting background music.