Lynkey a global platform to link audiences and tourism, Dinis Guarda explains

We catch up with Dinis Guarda, blockchain and smart cities expert and enthusiast to learn more about his latest blockchain project, Lynkey.

A global platform to link audiences and tourism, Dinis Guarda, Lynkey

More about Lynkey : A Tourism and Property Ecosystem

LynKey blockchain-powered ecosystem is tokenising over 8+ billion dollars of premium property/ tourism and luxury experiences in Vietnam, Singapore, Australia and other countries in the world

LynKey: derived from “Lynk” plus “Key”
Token: LynK
Token Symbol: LYNK

LynKey brings you the opportunity to earn $LYNK without trading:
?100 ‘Welcome’ LYNK when you register & KYC
?100 ‘Reward’ LYNK every time you refer a friend
?Your friend also gets 100 LYNK in their wallet.
Register and start referring your friends:

— LynKey (@LynKey_) January 14, 2022

LynKey is a blockchain-powered 4IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution) “all in one” ecosystem with a focus on tokenisation of the tourism and property industry. It is aimed at linking global audiences using property technology, smart tourism and blockchain. The platform allows optimised time sharing, prepaid lease or licence of property-based experiences (e.g. hotels, resorts, etc) within tourism, and offers a reward system for its loyal community and users of the ecosystem.

LynKey will also offer a cutting-edge marketplace where the tokens can be exchanged for countless varied tourism experiences within the ecosystem by the community, where tourism industry players and operators can efficiently offer their products and services.

The ecosystem will be focused on evolving the smart tourism industry and advancing it to the next level, with significant ambitions for its future.

Unlike many other #cryptocurrency projects, $LYNK is not fueled by short-term speculation or built on “hype”.

Yes, $LYNK is based on the tangible real-world property that already has an intrinsic value.

Know more at and download the app to get $LYNK.

— LynKey (@LynKey_) January 19, 2022

The ability to travel has led to an incredible amount of socio-economic progress. With the inception of the Internet, businesses can connect with consumers all over the world, and globalization has made it so that companies can scale quicker than ever before. The fact that we can connect, travel and interact with each other through technology allows for an unprecedented amount of growth opportunities.

Business and leisure travelers can now fly to locations all over the world and finalize the details of their trip from a smartphone. It’s safe to say that travel has come a long way from paper records and the cumbersome process of reservations and itinerary management using smartphones to do these tasks.

However, there are still obvious challenges of the tourism and travel industry that persist; yet, blockchain can address these. Global travelers, for example, often have to deal in local fiat currencies and lose money to high exchange fees. Moreover, these travelers often cannot personalize their experience, or even sell, modify or cancel their “trip” to a marketplace in case of an emergency without incurring high fees. Travel may be digital, but it certainly is far from seamless or perfect.

Similarly, there are challenges of sorts when it comes to international property buyers.
Developers have to worry about property and land regulation, taxes, the local economy, liquidity, and more.

The LynKey ecosystem hopes to revolutionize both: the tourism and property industry, through our respected partners. We believe that the transparency and decentralized nature of blockchain offers a unique opportunity for the tourist, the business traveler, and the international property clients to have trust and low friction costs in the transactions.

More about Dinis

Dinis is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, advisor, and CEO Chairman and co-founder ztudium group that owns the companies techabc and open business platform.

Dinis authored, “4IR – How to Reinvent a Nation”, “How Businesses and Governments can prosper with Fintech, Blockchain, and AI” and “Blockchain, AI, and Crypto Economics – The Next Tsunami”, among others.

Dinis runs a fast growing Youtube Podcast series where he passed 4.2 million views in the first 6 months and has interviewed 100+ personalities so far including leading AI personalities, a Minister from Japan, Leading CEO, Fintech, AI, Crypto, Blockchain personalities and Bollywood stars.

Dinis is a global renowned thought leader listed continuously as number 1, 5 and 10 positions as global influencer in B2B, business continuity, fintech, blockchain, AI, and social media industries.

See more podcasts here.

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