Mobile Legends Vexana Revamp Revealed


One of the heroes with the lowest pick rates in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), Vexana, will finally receive her own revamp soon. This is one of the most requested character revamps that fans have been eagerly requesting for years. The Vexana revamp in MLBB will completely overhaul the hero’s appearance and in-game mechanics, giving her a fresh new identity along with viability in the meta. The changes made are based on the data collected from dedicated Vexana users through interviews, surveys, and match results. However, Moonton is yet to provide the exact date for the arrival of the Vexana revamp in MLBB.

Vexana Revamp Abilities Preview

Vexana is one of the most unique heroes in Mobile Legends. While her abilities look good on paper, these abilities are quite inconsistent and hard to execute. This made Vexana a hero with potential but unreliable in different types of situations

With the upcoming revamp, the developers aim to simplify Vexana’s mechanics while maintaining her unique aspect of controlling summoned units. Here is a quick look at the major changes to her abilities;

Skill 1

Current Ability: Vexana unleashes phantom power forward, dealing magic damage and applying the “horrifying” debuff to enemies hit.

Revamp Changes: Vexana will only hit the first enemy hero as her ability travels in a straight line. The ability will deal Area of Effect (AOE) damage around the enemy hit and apply the “horrifying” debuff to all enemies hit.

Skill 2

Current Ability: Vexana summons cursed power to deal magic damage to a specific location after a brief delay.

Revamp Changes: Vexana can freely control when the explosion will occur instead of having to wait a few seconds for it to explode.


Current Ability: Vexana curses an enemy hero (cannot be purified) to deal magic damage and additional damage every second for a total of 8 seconds. If the enemy hero dies while under the curse or if the curse’s duration comes to an end, Vexana will summon a Puppet in the form of the enemy hero that will follow her into battle. The summoned puppet will have a portion of the target hero’s stats.

Revamp Changes: Vexana can directly summon her puppet to a designated location while dealing AOE damage and inflicting crowd control debuffs at the same time.

Vexana Revamp Visual Update

Vexana will also be receiving a new makeover. Moonton has revealed three concept arts revealing her visual effects and the appearance of her puppet.

One of these concept arts could make it to the final product once the Vexana revamp in MLBB is officially released. Moonton will be revealing more details in the near future.

With Vexana’s revamp coming soon, she may finally find viability in the meta after years of being at the bottom of each season’s hero tier list in Mobile Legends.

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