Modular Crossover kitchen hitches serious cooking muscle to an RV


Magma has established itself as a marine grill brand, and now it’s looking to become a staple in van life, RVing and tailgating. The company’s new Crossover Series debuts as one of the most versatile outdoor cooking systems on the market, pairing single- and dual-burner stoves with RV mounts and a series of interchangeable components that let nomadic chefs grill, boil, griddle and even bake a pizza.

The Crossover Series is fully modular, both in terms of purchase and use. The foundation is buyer’s choice of single- or dual-burner Firebox, each of which works as a 15,000-BTU-per-burner stove on its own. The Firebox has built-in versatility even before loading up with accessories, working with user’s choice of 20-lb propane tank or RV/boat propane hookup. The single-burner model also works with a 1-lb propane bottle. Both single- and dual-burner Fireboxes feature integrated lids that fold out and work as side shelves when it’s time to cook, holding up to 25 lb (11.3 kg).

The Firebox lid flips out to become side shelves/worktops

The Firebox lid flips out to become side shelves/worktops


Each Firebox comes out of the box ready to fire up atop a table. Add a hitch mount or vehicle sidewall mount, and it attaches directly to an RV for faster, simpler tailgate parties and side-of-the-road lunch breaks. Each vehicle mount includes a quick-release mounting plate to make it easy to attach and detach the Firebox. The Quad Pod four-legged stand adds freestanding cooking capabilities for camping, picnics, beach trips and other activities. A built-in wind deflector keeps the burners firing in windy conditions, and an altitude-adjustment system ensures they heat evenly at higher elevations.

Where the Crossover Series steps up from stove to system is in the available cooktops that drop right on the Firebox burners to add enhanced cooking capabilities. Owners can choose from four different single-burner accessories: a grill, griddle, plancha and pizza oven. The single-burner Firebox will work with one accessory at a time, while the dual-burner Firebox can handle two.

Grill protein on one side, griddle veggies on the other

Grill protein on one side, griddle veggies on the other


Magma’s Crossover system is quite similar to the Camp Chef system we tested back in 2018, but it doesn’t offer the three-burner stove or dual-burner-sized accessories that Camp Chef offers with its various modular cooking systems. The RV mounts and flexible propane hookup are nice touches, though. Magma’s components are also priced much higher than Camp Chef’s, and the company promises that the Crossover series has been engineered with the type of marine-grade materials and construction that go into its boat cooking lineup.

Magma has partnered with to be its exclusive retailer for the Crossover Series, and the Crossover gear is available for pre-order now. The single-burner Firebox starts at US$550, and the dual-burner starts at $900. BBQGuys is offering the Quad Pod stand as a free gift with Firebox purchase until February 1. Each of the four drop-on cooking units can be purchased individually or all together in a $1,340 Bundle. As for the RV mounts, the surface mount retails for $250, the hitch mount for $300.

The one-minute clip below shows the Magma Crossover gear in action.

Magma Crossover Cooking System | BBQGuys Exclusive!

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