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Long Jaunt have announced Norland, a narrative-driven medieval city builder.

Inspired by games like Rimworld and Crusader Kings, Norland places you in control of a noble family ruling over a humble medieval city. You will need to construct buildings, expand your city, create a functioning economy, and tend to the needs of your citizens.

However, Norland also places a big emphasis on emergent stories. Your nobles and their subjects have their own lives that will play out and evolve alongside your town. These stories can potentially lead to political intrigue, social strife, and complicated situations involving rival nations.

You can find the announcement trailer below.

Norland releases Fall 2022 for Windows PC via Steam.

You can find a rundown (via Steam) below:

Norland is a medieval kingdom sim that generates complex stories, inspired by Rimworld, Crusader Kings, and Caesar.

Manage a noble family that owns a city populated by dozens of characters from different classes: peasants, slaves, soldiers, and criminals. Each of the citizens have their own needs and complex behaviors, which will depend on their social status and individual traits. And often their behavior can be deadly to your family.


  • Control your noble family by assigning tasks to all of its members.
  • Witness how family members will build complex relationships between themselves through love, hatred, friendship, envy, jealousy, betrayal, and a lust for power.
  • Punish criminals, take care of the citizens, and put down any bloody riots that may occur during your reign.
  • Build your armies and defenses, then make decisions on whether to fight or ally with the other kingdoms
  • Oversee power struggles, plan out your intrigues and secretly assassinate dangerous enemies.
  • Make ambiguous decisions during events on the global map.
  • Absorb knowledge and technology from books, rewrite them, or create entirely new ones.
  • Build the productions chains, rise population, pay wages, put prices on the domestic market, and trade with incoming caravans.
  • Experience different starting conditions for a unique gaming experience every time you play.
  • Navigate through a simple and accessible user interface.

The game generates complex stories on a new level through unpredictable interactions in a large society made of numerous, unique individuals: things like social stratification, crime, riots, religious controversies and struggle for the throne can all play a part in the story.

They all have their own relationships, sex drive, beliefs, health systems, and backgrounds. Family members also have their unique personality traits, and family traits can be passed on to their children.

They joke around, gossip, insult one another, fall in love, make friends, support each other, and sometimes even kill one another out of anger.

Initiate political intrigue with other kingdoms and religious leaders on the global map. Manage events that require intervention such as blackmail, plague-infested refugees, natural disasters, and more.

Build and upgrade buildings to create efficient production chains. Attract migrants with low prices for various goods on local markets and high wages. Or use slaves to work in hazardous industries. Trade with caravans. And don’t forget the ecological balance.

Make use of seven weapon types, three different types of armor, unique combat skills, the body part damage system, and the morale of each member of your army!

…to survive in the non-stop competition with other kingdoms. Create complex scenarios by setting up an aggressive society built on a slave economy and a strong professional army, or a wealthy society of free and happy city dwellers with high levels of technology.

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