Neo Tiam Ting PBM: Why Is He Arrested? Bentley Driver Name Exposed

The Union of Security Employees (USE), the security general’s union, reported that he suffered an injury to his right knee as a result of what happened and has been granted three days of personal leave.

Bently Driver Neo Tiam Ting Age: How Old?

Neo Tiam Ting, the Bently driver, is said to be 61 years old.

However, officials have not released his exact age or date of birth to the public so far.

According to news directly from Singapore, a driver was apprehended after threatening to murder a safety employee.

Following research, the car registration number could not be found on the OneMotoring website, indicating that it is an illegal license number.

According to Raj Joshua Thomas, Chairman of the Singapore Security Association, the SAS has been informed that a case file has been filed and will be submitted to the officers to investigate the situation.


 Neo Tiam Ting Net Worth – How Rich Is The Bently Driver?

Neo Tiam Ting is believed to have a net worth of over $100 thousand. 

However, this is only a guess based on the fact that he owns a high-end car Bently. The precise details of his overall assets have yet to be released.

He became popular after the infamous automobile rush event. The Bentley driver is seen arguing with the security guard in a Twitter video that has surfaced.

The guy stated that it was his initial time entering the school and that the line to enter was very lengthy, and that the security personnel should make a quirk for him.