Nightingale was originally an MMO but scaled back to become more intimate

Those hungry for details about the Victorian-themed survival game Nightingale would do well to read a new interview with Improbable CEO Aaryn Flynn over at IGN. In the piece, Flynn revealed that the project originally started as a broad MMO but scaled back to focus on more intimate multiplayer interactions.

“We had aspirations to build that huge MMO-style game, and then realized that’s not what our team is truly passionate about,” he said.

Flynn mostly spoke about how the team is taking cues from its experience at BioWare to build meaningful fae realms for players to explore: “We think we can take a lot of lessons learned from Mass Effect and Dragon Age, and even Anthem, and say, ‘How can we build a world that has survival crafting gameplay in it, but still provides that tremendous umbrella of lore and rich conceits, that make it just a compelling place to be in that space?’”

He promised that players will feel like their actions will have consequence: “The more we can, as developers, offer autonomy and real meaningful chances to impact and change the world of the game, and see those choices reflected back in compelling ways, the better a job we’ve done.”


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